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  If you meant that prizes and incentives don't always work out every well, I will not disagree :)   They're mostly attractive only to smaller developers, and projects that don't take a lot of time.   (Getting a truly cool app is a gamble, but even if not, the extra publicity is nice.)
  It doesn't, really, so Apple's only choice is to offer a cheaper phone.     They can either build a special model, or discount the current prices through promotions like this one.          I lol'd.  Best line of the day.
Pretty common.   HTC did the same kind of promotion with their Pen API when it first came out.   Later, pen support was folded into the official Android SDK for everyone to use.   Oldtimers will recall that Apple had Kleiner Perkins up on the stage at the original iPhone SDK release, announcing a $100 million investment fund to help boost iPhone app development.   Heck, even Qualcomm had a Virtual Reality app contest for anyone using their VR SDK.    HP, of...
  I would think that EMS communications would be over the radio channels set aside for emergency medical service.   Cell phones are a different situation:   While a cell phone will use any compatible network for a 911 call that it can find, a 911 call does not have any priority getting an empty cell slot. (There was a push to change this, but I don't think it has been implemented yet.)   The only cellular calls that have connection priority are those from phones...
  Already there have been at least a couple of Android based smartwatches.   I had the WiMM, which ran just fine.  (They've been bought up by some unnamed company.)    
  Why are you attacking his posts?       Do you seriously believe that anyone who thinks the iOS UI needs refreshing, is being paid to say so ?   In that case, Jon Ive must be a paid shill as well.   As well as the rest of the Apple executive staff who pushed Forstall out.   A UI refresh is a primary reason why people are looking forward to iOS 7.
  The misrepresentation was more from articles that didn't explain what the numbers were about.  They left out a couple of critical factors:   The sales numbers in the trial were only US sales, and only of accused models.  Samsung sells up to 25 times as many devices outside the USA.   So when some "reporters" seized on the smaller US number as "proof" that Samsung's worldwide sales for that quarter must be false, they were being ignorantly parochial.    
  The water level goes down, because for same volume of water and iron ore, the iron weighs more.   Inside the boat, the ore displaces its weight in water.   Dumped into the lock, the ore only displaces its volume in water.
  *laughing*     Yep, it's great that Apple and Samsung make a ton of money.  More power to them.  Yet there's also smaller makers who are happy with their own share of the market.   There are smartphone firms springing up all over the place in Asia.  Some are like custom boutiques.   For example, little Xiaomi has many hardcore fans, because even though it only sells a few million phones a year, it constantly accepts and implements fan suggestions, so there's an update...
  ¡noʎ ʇnoqɐ ǝƃuɐɹʇs ƃuıɥʇǝɯos sɐʍ ǝɹǝɥʇ ʍǝuʞ
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