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  Dunno if they're using it yet, but they approved it:   http://press.blackberry.com/press/2013/blackberry-10-smartphones-approved-for-use-on-u-s--department-of.html   "...the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has approved BlackBerry® 10 smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 to be used on DoD networks."
  There's kind of a trick that anyone can use.  You see, the encryption key is usually kept in the clear in RAM, so it can be constantly used to decrypt the data in Flash storage.   Usually that's impossible for an third party app to get to, so it's considered safe.   However, you could use a fake update setup where you force the phone to boot into your own spy code, which dumps the memory contents and figures out where the key is being stored.  Heck, maybe even a...
  Not from the cops, since they apparently can afford to send it to Apple to be cracked!   As someone mentioned, there's a big cell phone forensics support market out there.     Check out this example tool, where, for older iPhones (up to 4), they claim they can access even encrypted storage.  I believe that they download their own loader in DFU mode and use that to grab everything on the phone.  You'd never even know they were there.
  Silly comment.  The same concept would apply to Microsoft, of course.   It's the whole point of the saying.   Those who sell a service, often do not have access to their own product as easily as a customer.
  Repeat:   Samsung Electronics does not build ships, so none of their $10 B of R&D that cnocbui was talking about in Post #30... and you replied about in Post #31... was used to design them.
  And RIM and WinMo were where iOS is now.
  And more than people think.  Look at all the blue (Symbian) on this current chart of smartphone owners:    
  *laughing*   Holy smokes.  You're right!   Since I myself didn't think of the launch as a failure, I totally did a senior moment and didn't see where I had written that others thought it was.  (Thus all the links, which of course everyone ignored and did not address.)   Btw, thanks for piling on, guys.  Very thoughtful.  I'll remember it when one of you makes a mistake like that (and by the law of Internet Karma, you WILL).   
  Ha.  He needs to get out into business more often.   "The cobbler's children have no shoes", is a saying that applies a lot to companies who provide products and services.   It's usually harder to get telecom services working for a telecom, to get computers working for a computer maker, or probably search old documents at a place known for search.   Managers rarely spend the time or money to provide for their own, as much as for customers!
    Not specific enough, because "Shipped to retailer DOES equal sold for reporting purposes".   What you mean to say is, "Shipped to retailer does not equal sold to end user".   This applies to both Samsung and Apple.
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