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The question becomes, where do you stop?   What about sites like AppleInsider, that are sometimes quoted in the news?  Should they share the blame for spreading false gossip without first checking it out completely?   For that matter, what about forum posts?   We constantly see misunderstandings and myths being repeated across the web.  The damage they do to someone's or a company's reputation can be considerable.   The real problem is similar to what Winston...
  They aren't losing money.  They're making money that no one else would get.   For extreme example, take Nokia's $20 phone.  That's a ridiculously low price, yet they make $4 per unit (20% margin) and probably sell millions of them.   As they say, "A penny here, a penny there.  Pretty soon you're talking about real money" :)
  Then at least attempt to prove it.  Instead of always lazily sniping at what other people post, find some links and references to back up your counterclaims.  Do some work of your own.   Thanks!   (I used to also think that Samsung only sold low end in China, but have come to change my mind after reading about China's homegrown phone industry's sales.  Ditto for India.   As noted in that ComputerWorld and other articles, native Chinese phone makers are selling...
  That R&D was just for Samsung Electronics.  They do not build ships.   About a minute's worth of searching would've let you find out what their R&D centers do:  
  I wish they had put the iPhone 5 up also just for relative comparison (since that's all this kind of vague info is good for).   So I grabbed both.   Looks like the display and sensors are the big extra expense.  
  Actually, Samsung seems to do better with its nicer phones:     It's very difficult for an outside company to compete with the super low prices available from the home grown manufacturers in China and India.
  Nobody said "failure".  Those are YOUR words.   Thread context is important.  Someone commented that the iPhone 5's sales couldn't possibly be seen as the "least exciting ever".   My post was simply explaining why many analysts thought it was not selling as well as it might.  It was meant only as an informational response, not oppositional.    I should've realized that some people are far too heavily involved in defending Apple at all costs, to be objective.  My fault.
  In the middle of 2012, reports were saying that Apple accounted for 7.5% - 8.8% of Samsung's Semiconductor business.... made up of purchasing displays, memory, and CPUs.     (Samsung's next highest customer was HP, at 3.2%, btw.)   Six months later, by the end of 2012, the picture was a bit different.  Apple had only spent about 3/4 of the earlier predicted amount on parts, and Samsung had jumped ahead of Apple as the world's largest parts consumer.  So Samsung might've...
  Different time periods.   One rumor was for a supposed second quarter iPad mini slowdown.   The other rumor is for a third quarter "cheap iPhone" ramp up.   However, the Pegatron CEO has come out and said that the first slowdown rumor is bogus.
  At $12.5 billion, even if Google bought just for Motorola's 24,500 patents, that's $510,000 per patent.   However, Moto didn't cost as much as some people continue to blindly repeat. It came with $3 billion in cash reserves, and the settop box part is being sold off for $2.5 billion... which knocks the price down to $7 billion.  Plus Google gets billions in tax writeoffs... AND they got a phone maker with decades of knowledge.   On the other hand, Apple, Microsoft and...
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