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  In all the other places you mentioned, most employees are salaried.  (Prison guards are the exception.)   Waiting to get a bag checked for lunch is not that a big a deal in their case.  They get paid the same, and usually have no problem taking the same amount of time for lunch.   This thread is about hourly workers who are neither paid for waiting, nor do they get to make up the time that was taken away from their lunch break.
  Are you talking about using free WiFi?    As you said, there's no such thing as "free".   I never use WiFi for sensitive stuff outside of my own home or work.   Everywhere else I use LTE.   As for Google, they don't worry me.  They don't sell my personal info to anyone.  They just sell ad slots.   I usually like that they know my location and preferences so I get the best results.   Plus I have a level of control over what they keep, via the Dashboard.  And when I don't...
  Nobody has done that.  What companies have done, is offer additional deals with a lower price with cross-licensing.  Even Apple does that with their own IP offers.   Yep.  We all think that there should be at least guideline license rates publicly published early on.   (And, in fact, they have been for LTE.)     Nope.  The claim of double-dipping was yet another internet reporting mistake, made back before it came out that Infineon had no license with Samsung.  
  When raw materials go up, or demand increases.   For example, the Japan tsunami knocked out lots of silicon wafer production, along with chip fabs.  About 25% of the world's chip production went off line, leading to parts shortages and price increases.    
  Cute!  Did you also mock all the wood cases have been sold for years for iPhones?   (That really was a nice matching photo find in a short time. Kudos for that!)
  Oh good grief. Apple did not invent colored phones.     What I think is cool, is that one of the Moto X case options will be various types and shades of wood.  (Or as Motorola put it, "We've got wood!")        According to Mashable, Motorola listens to suggestions on its Facebook page.  Colors like "Fifty Shades" (of grey) and so forth, have been submitted.   The Moto X website indicates that you'll be able to create your own phone from 2,000 combinations, plus...
  You mean by watching videos and playing games, instead of web surfing?   Google has said before that the majority of their mobile revenue comes from in-app ads.. not from web searches.  That's likely one reason why Apple came up with their own iAds program.   Apps and YouTube have lots of ads.  Yet those activities won't show up in web stats.   Hmm.  We need to dig up one of those studies about what people in various demographics do with their devices.  Let me look around.
  IIRC, it turned out that the price increase had been scheduled for a while, and was agreed upon by Apple.   Apple's been negotiating parts contracts for quite a while now.  I don't think they would ever set themselves up for a surprise price increase.
  The phone is just locally listening for a wakeup phrase.  It's not being stored or transmitted.     First they have to install (or trick you into installing) a listening app.     More like $9.5 billion, since Moto came with (and still has) $3 billion in cash reserves.   Also, Google gets billions in tax write-offs.   Some tax analysts think that the net cost to Google could be as low as $1.5 billion.
New Posts  All Forums: