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  The only thing that I (and the other real adults here) "despise", are people who hide behind personal attacks  whenever they're insecure about their "facts".   If you have a good counterargument, just give it.   Yes, clearly Apple never had a CEO who would say something as childish as threatening to throw away everything his company ever made, just to get even with his competitors...   "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of...
  The UK isn't investigating the user interface or even the original iOS way of leaving purchases available without a password for the first fifteen minutes (which Apple usually refunded, but was an unnecessary hassle for users).   The UK is investigating possible violation of consumer protection laws related to children.     For example, is it valid to offer $100 instant purchases to a child who only understands that they want to add something pretty to a virtual...
I assume that these articles are paid for by the word.       For example, there's the bizarre sidetrack about iOS being "maligned", which somehow ignores the years of positive free press that Apple has enjoyed.  In any case, it has nothing to do with the topic.   Most of the article attempted to tie together software patent fights with the availability of fab facilities, yet again there's no such relationship.   Companies engage in licensing disputes all the...
  That can be true when comparing 2G voice and data.  Depends on tower distance and congestion.  OTOH, GSM drops many more calls than CDMA, so it's a trade-off.   It does not apply to 3G, as UMTS for GSM uses a WCDMA radio for data (and for simultaneous voice+data), with a higher clock that can use more power.
  Exactly.   Heck, even 24 months @ $15 isn't enough to pay back the $400 or so that a carrier has to pay Apple on top of the $200 the customer pays up front.   Smartphone subsidies are higher than ever.  Carrier profit reports are constantly dragged down by the money they have to invest in these customer loans.
  Right, because developers only had wholesome intentions when they put cute looking $99 purchase options into games used by preschoolers.  
  Yep.  Apple just needs to be willing to take a per device cash profit margin hit in return for more total revenue through sales quantity, similar to what they did with the iPad mini.    Low cost smartphone market to hit $135B in 2013.     Will they do it?  Who knows.
  That was discussed here not long ago.  Apple has second place by revenue, due to its high prices.  It's a low fifth place in number of sales, again due to its high prices.  That's even after quadrupling iPhone sales in the past few months via incentives such as trade-ins.  
  According to this 2011 article, they changed it to look for pink or red, plus corrosion... and give extra consideration if the customer disputes that it ever came in contact with a liquid.   Apple relaxes warranty policy.   Someone should be able to find some Apple help articles on this as well.
  Oh man.  While I was recovering from surgery a couple of weeks ago, I ran across an online business magazine ranking of the twenty (?) most accurate analysts.   It included PiperJaffray, JP Morgan, Horace Dediu (who was way down the ranks), etc.   I cannot seem to find the list again, but perhaps you'll be able to search for it.  I'll keep looking too.   Edit. woo hoo!  Turned out I mailed the link to myself for safekeeping.   CNN Money - The sorry state of Apple...
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