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  The judge didn't say to eliminate patents.  He said that the lawyers needed to fix their own mess that they had made.   Both Apple's and Google's lawyers kept piling on more and more details, until they both realized they had gone too far...  and then those lawyers decided to ask the JUDGE to streamline the case for them.     In other words, the lawyers made the mess in the first place, so he wants them to take the first crack at cleaning up what they did.  Then he'll...
  No, it's the opposite of that.  The article is correct.   Samsung had always claimed the 726 patent was standards essential.     Apple asked for a review of the patent, and the German Patent Court ruled that the 726 patent was invalid.   (The UK High Court for patents had also ruled that it was invalid about a month ago.)
  In Soviet Russia, phone carries you!
  That's a pretty mean thing to say about Apple, just because they're using other companies' essential patents without paying license fees. /s   Seriously, as many people have noted, these software patent fights seem rarely to be about "stealing" code or anything else that is specific to an implementation.
Not a bad idea.  They probably have some real core handheld patents.   Edit: At first I thought it said they bought the patents, not just licensed them.
  Even if a joke, that's especially ironic, considering that Tim Cook is often written up in LBGT magazines as the top gay CEO in the USA.  (Something he has neither confirmed or denied.)
  The Apple App Store is still a walled garden, with no alternative unless we jailbreak.  That hasn't changed.   Lots of us used to ask that about Apple, back when they were letting all sorts of crap in just to build the number of apps.   Finally, Apple had enough, and did several purges of thousands of apps that were just web page pointers, fart and flashlight apps, were "too sexy", and so forth.  Of course, sometimes they went a bit too far, like when they banned that...
  You were doing pretty well until this part.   Google doesn't sell personal data, any more than Apple does.   Both sell anonymous targeted ad slots to advertisers.
  Apple likewise collects a lot of personal info, especially via iTunes.  They have our credit card info, what music we like to buy, what videos, what apps we searched for, downloaded and deleted.   We already know that Apple's servers scan email looking for spam and topics like "Barely legal teens" to delete.   Apple's privacy policies are almost exactly the same as Google.  They share only when necessary, and they consider aggregate data to be non-personal.    Just like...
  Heh.  I'm pretty sure I've gotten more spam from eBay dealers whom I've talked to via email, than from almost anywhere else.   That's why I keep a spare email address just for eBay.   Here's one well known iOS developer's  viewpoint praising the Google info.  (His company is just down the highway from me.)  
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