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Most of us buy stuff all the time from eBay, Amazon, and other online stores... and they all get to know our name, address, phone, email, etc.   The difference here is that Google has not made it clear to buyers that the same situation exists in their app store.   That is, when I buy something online, there's always a form that I have to fill out with all my info (or a checkbox to okay an address).  This automatically makes me aware that my info is going to the...
Speaking of GPS and phones, a California appellate court has ruled that using just the phone's GPS or map while driving, is a moving violation.     Calif. Court Upholds Ticket for Phone GPS Use While Driving
  Some fingerprint sensors look for the heatbeat in the blood under the skin to make sure it's a live human.   Of course, even that can be faked, but the effort required is more like something a government would do to get access, not a thief.  Even then, I think a government would use other, quicker methods, such as freezing the RAM and digging out access codes.   Neat side story: Researchers at first had trouble using a fake finger to fool capacitive print ridge sensors....
  Some do, same as many iOS users who like to jailbreak and customize.   Personally, most of the Android users I know are women in their thirties with kids, who have no time or interest in hacking.   They just like the widgets and notifications and big screens.
  I have hundreds of apps and I've never seen a push ad, but apparently there are some apps out there that use the Airpush ad network, which is known to abuse the notification area in this way. To stop it, a user can go to the Airpush website and opt out.   If it's some other ad network, then they can download a tool like Addons Detector to figure out which app is the culprit and remove just that app.
There are tons of articles out there on how to do this easily.   How to play iTunes music and videos on your Android phone list options from copying, to using Google Music, to tools such as DoubleTwist to sync between your phone and iTunes.   Caveat:  I don't have a big iTunes collection, so never had to use any tools.
  It's okay to not want it, but why not?   The match info would almost certainly only be stored in the device itself.  It's not like it's going to send your fingerprints to the FBI along with all your porn website searches.  No need.  Apple iTunes probably already has your name, after all.   Is it just the idea of fingerprints that worries you?  (Obviously you were never in the military or applied as a teacher, etc if you haven't been fingerprinted.)     Some sensors look...
  The big guns like Apple and Google do NOT sell personal information to advertisers.  They simply use to serve up anonymous targeted ads.   The true info danger comes from little apps that make money on the side by sending our Contacts info to their servers and possibly onto spammers.
  Everything I said was correct, as the rejection was worded at the time.  I also predicted that it would be an easy fix, and listed the steps to do it. As I pointed out in my post here on the subject, the primary problem was:     Also, as I posted on MacRumors last week  
  I don't mean that Google got it wrong.  After all, it's their project to name.   What I meant was that I'm pretty sure that Google is internally calling it "Babel", and that some reporter heard about it, but misunderstood and wrote "Babble" instead.   Like we both said, the coincidence is that either works, although the biblical term makes more sense from the multi-communications standpoint.
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