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  Sounds like somebody who never went to church, misheard "Babel", a name that would be far more appropriate for a cross-platform communication service.   Although I guess Babble would be a cute take-off.
  I didn't say I wanted animated wallpapers.   However, since you bring them up, correctly written ones should only use from a few seconds to a few minutes of CPU time a day.   That's because most shouldn't be active unless you're looking at a homescreen, which is not something most people do for very long unless they're bored or playing with the wallpaper itself.  If someone notices that a certain wallpaper is using up battery for no reason, they should dump it, or stop...
  Thank you!  :)
  On the contrary, I named the first two things that came to mind, that I have found to be useful, and would want.   Feel free to add your own wishlist instead.
  True, everyone knows that the "S" model will look the same, be faster, and include at least one feature that will compel many non-S owners to upgrade.   3G -> 3GS  = S model adds multitasking, voice control, videocam, compass 4 -> 4S = S model adds Siri 5 -> 5S = S model adds (widgets??  NFC??)
  Google's letter (sorry, don't have a direct link.. I keep a lot of documents stored locally) to the Senate last year listed some of the rate basis, although it's not clear what the difference is between "end-device" and "price of the end-device", if any... e.g. the latter might be retail.  
  Yes, Qualcomm has the highest single ETSI figure, I believe.  It's because they created most of the (W)CDMA technology.     It's hardly "way out of the ballpark", though.  Other common rates include these (LTE rates are the same or very similar as the 3G rates, and include 3G):     Now, this 2010 chart says 3.25% for Qualcomm.  The rate fluctuates each year.. it was above 4% a few years earlier, at which time many people think that Apple made a special deal, explained...
  Quite the contrary.  This whole thread is about a possible ITC Section 337 ban.  In fact, just last October a judge at the ITC ruled that...   "ETSI and its FRAND provisions do not preclude the imposition of Section 337 remedies in investigations in which the Commission determines that the authorizing statute is violated by reason of the importation into the United States of articles that infringe a valid and enforceable United States patent." - ITC   In other words,...
  VirnetX is not what most people would think of as a troll... that is, a company which did not invent the patents it's using.   VirnetX was formed by people who originally invented secure communications for the CIA, and they continue to invent.
    It's not "stupid" to pursue a FRAND related injunction with the ITC.  They exist specifically for that purpose.   Unlike Federal courts, the ITC's sole power is import bans, so they issue them from time to time.   That's why every company, Apple included, often runs to the ITC right away.  They're usually quicker than courts, and an import ban is great leverage for getting deals made.     In the telecom world, buying a chip doesn't necessarily buy the IP rights needed...
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