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  It's easier to figure out if a SEP is valid and infringed.  By definition, if you use the standard, it almost certainly will be.     Apple asserted five utility patents and two design patents.  They take time to figure out.    For example, two of the patents are about recognizing if a headphone or microphone is plugged in.  Do you really think Samsung blatantly ripped those off?  The judges aren't so sure, because of prior art.  They dismissed one of them.  Another...
  That format is good for videos.   We have a couple of Android tablets (a 10" and a 7") that we use mostly for kid's games and Netflix.     They won't ever show up on web stats, but they're used a lot.   Especially this summer, with the grandkids around.   Surfing the web is not the only use for a tablet.  For many people, it's the apps.
  Not WILL buy another brand.  They CAN buy another brand.  There's a difference.    According to recent rankings by ASCI, Samsung has pretty good customer satisfaction in the USA:     Something can make mathematical sense, but still be a poor way of presenting data in such a way as to make the most sense to the most people.  Especially if most are not accountants :) 
  I'm sorry, but Google never argued for seizure of Apple's patents in any way, shape or form.   In any case, don't get me started on the rounded rectangles thing.       See what I did there?
  What is a Samscum Aspire?   (Aspires are laptops, aren't they?)
  What phones do you think that Samsung is selling at a loss?   Phones don't have to cost much to produce, and they don't need to make hundreds of dollars each to turn a profit.  Heck, Nokia just introduced the following feature phone for $20... and still makes 30% profit.     As for smartphones, with modern all-in-one chips, building one has become like building smart toys. Almost anyone can do it.   There are dozens (if not hundreds) of small manufacturers in places...
    The Mac GUI came after the Lisa GUI, which came after the Xerox Star GUI, which was the first to use icons and call them by that name.       Here's an interesting overview of the way that computer icons have changed over the years:   http://psd.tutsplus.com/articles/theory/know-your-icons-part-1-a-brief-history-of-computer-icons/
As others have noted, most luxury cars already do this when you click your remote.   Now, if it wasn't your car, I can see this being useful.  For example, if you were renting one of those by-the-hour cars, like Zipcar.   As to personalizing an environment, I am imagining more than one person walking into a home or office, and their phones fighting it out for dominance.   :)   You'd have to have priorities built in.  Like the bosses' phone wins.  And the...
    He's clearly clueless as to what women like / need to carry around, and their clothing.   So either he's a teen or a bachelor.   Granted, I know a few women who sometimes manage to shove a phone or keys into some of their slacker jeans, but no wallet or id.    Nor are jeans office wear... the latter of which almost always will have no useful pockets.  Even women's coats and jackets usually just have pocket outlines for show.
  Thank you.  I always study the actual sources instead of relying on fansites or blogs for second (or millionth) hand info.   We can't dissolve the ITC.  It's too important for many industries.  However, I think you're on the right track with the rates idea.   Perhaps there should be a separate patent court system... one that is a combination of the ITC with its judges who are highly experienced in technical IP matters, and like the Federal Courts with their power to...
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