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  I wonder if it counts unique visits, or if it also includes every page being reloaded by the browser when the user moves around each site.
  I'm pretty sure he was asking your opinion about the effect of a later patent claim change on a previous outside trial.
Heck, what company has ever made a practice of promoting its competition to the forefront?   Most companies usually try not to even mention anyone else :)      Some go further and forbid others to do the same.   A developer cannot mention their Android version in their Apple App Store entry, for example.
Everyone is correct that throwing more people at something doesn't help, at least if they're new people.  It takes longer to get them integrated into the project than it does for oldtimers to just do the work themselves.     So no, hiring more people now would not help immediately.  (It'd be good for the future.)     In the past, when Apple has been asked why they pull people from one major project to work on another, Apple has replied that they like operating like a...
  *grin*  Okay, that's true.  We don't have a tape of the direct quote, only what the DA said the Apple rep said.   Of course, if the Apple rep never said it, this entire thread is moot.     Well, depends on what we consider "in the works".   Sure, screwing around with MacOS tablet prototypes had been going on for years.  Capacitive screens and finger UIs and even some case ideas apparently came along in 2005. So did some testing with a clickwheel phone UI. But that was...
  Of course.  Everyone, including the DA, knows that the Apple rep was using long-term planning as a smoke screen to cover not implementing anything right away, for whatever real reason they might have.   The only point I was making, is that the DA didn't come up with the story that years of iPhones were planned before Cook took over.   The Apple rep was the one who said that.   Cheers!
  Read the original article.   The DA asked for help stopping all the thefts, perhaps by adding some kind of software.     The Apple rep basically stalled by saying that they couldn't do anything right now because their next phones had already been designed even before Cook took over.
I agree, and I think a lot of people are with you on this.       Now this I don't understand.  We'd still need voice and data plans.   How would it make the carriers unhappy?    Thanks!
  Wow.  No wonder he wanted some way to deter such theft.
  I likewise enjoy browsing more on any device with the browser back button at the bottom, instead of the top.    Medium-sized phones in this report were also a category into which all the most popular under 4.9" Android phones fall into.   As someone else said, it's no surprise that 5"+ phones don't show up as a big portion here, since they're not a huge portion of total smartphone sales.   Strange report.  Would rather have seen 3.5" and 4" broken out by themselves.
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