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  You mean that Alibaba forked it. Acer didn't.   As an OHA member, Acer is not allowed to make a device with forked Android.  They agreed to that when they joined.   Smaller manufacturer Haier should've likewise been reminded of their obligations when they broke their promise.  By letting them have a pass, Google looked bad later on.   Re: "open".  I think that Google should've used a different phrase to differentiate their project rules.
  I made no such assertion.  Some of you just don't bother to follow a thread, in your haste to respond.   AppleInsider wrote:       All I said was that the S3 also used polycarbonate.  That's it.
  One big problem was that the Aliyun OS app store supposedly included pirated Google apps.  Not smart.   The other was that their app store included Android apps, so Aliyun was clearly trying to have their cake and eat it too.  Either fork it or don't.   Or do like Amazon, and require developers to recompile and submit.     Yep.  In some ways it makes sense that they'd want to protect the purpose of the OHA, but it was definitely poorly handled.
  Perhaps.   Another thing to remember is how much trouble they had filling orders for the iPhone 5, because of the extra difficulty in manufacturing without visual defects, which has slowed output.   It's possible that they felt they had to start building inventory earlier than usual.   Assuming the rumor is true, that is.
  I think that's just a result of the general atmosphere of distrust that dominates this place.   Also, where are you from?  Having moved to NJ, I've found that Southern ways of being polite by being understated, are often mistaken by Northerners as some form of deceit ... sad but true  
  Or rather, you don't see them.     Just recently, I've defended iOS from claims of malware,  praised the iPad for its CSS3 abilities, and brought up iOS devices being used by the military (in non secure areas), among other things.   I don't create the topics.  I react to mistaken ideas and internet myths.    And I sure don't engage in the vicious personal attacks that some do around here when they lack an intelligent response.
  That's an uncalled for remark.     I'm sorry to see it.  You're usually better than that.
  I don't blame you.  However, it's as good a "logic" as the ridiculous claims of shills around here.   Heck, about a month ago I watched as a well known pro-Apple fanatic came here and started posting.  He was accused of being a shill and you could see his shock.  He protested and listed his Apple background, and even then he was torn to pieces.  He left.  The whole thing was idiotic beyond belief.  It was like watching a group of cannibalistic piranha.
  lol   Then it must be AI who's paying all these shills you see in your head, because...   Who do you think keeps starting all the Samsung and Android related news threads?   Hint:  they run the site.
  It's the whole point of forming the OHA... to make compatible versions so the ecosystem can grow, and apps can be shared.     As for "open", people have mistaken ideas about it...   "Open" is NOT about each company giving all their code to every other company, or even about every company controlling the core code (Google does that).  "Open" is about everyone being able to see and use the core code.   "Open" also means that anyone can modify the source to differentiate...
New Posts  All Forums: