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  Apple used cheap pixel doubling, for goodness's sake.   Talk about scaled-up muddy graphics!
  Ah, thanks.  That might explain it.  I use the second monitor output from my laptop for this forum, and it doesn't have a super color resolution depth.
  Okay, for example:   One of the things that the report talked about (I assume you read the report, right?) is the number of apps which accessed the user's calendar.   That was reported as risky behavior (aka an opportunity to misuse the info), even if  the app didn't actually do anything bad with it.   That's why I pointed out that:   "... it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad is going on.  It's just that the opportunity is there."
  Good post up until this last paragraph, with "everything you do on an Android device is still being tracked by Google".   Android itself has no tracking built into it.   Google tags interests for advertising when you're using their apps, whether they're running on Android or iOS or a Mac or a PC.  And as constantly pointed out, they do not sell information.  They sell ad placements based on the info.   Likewise, Apple tags interests for advertising when we use iTunes or...
  I would venture to guess that many of the kids who are using these games, were too young to be getting allowances.... heck, a lot were too young to understand the difference between real and game money.   Even if they did, some of these games intentionally blurred the distinction.   There's just no way to defend getting kids to buy hundreds of dollars of addons.
  That was an old article back when they first started porting Angry Birds.   As I noted, the concept of screen resolution independence was new to them.   Later, they said all was good, and also pointed out that they were making more from the Android ad based free version, than from the paid iOS version.   I'm not saying there's no problems.  Far from it.  But the things that most people (non-developers) bring up (like display differences), are not the big deals they...
  "Appthority found that it was iOS apps that are allowed to engage in more risky behaviors."   " iOS apps get more access to user data,"   It doesn't mean they actually do those things.     Even when someone tries to defend iOS. it goes right over your head.   Reading comprehension is a lost art with some people.
  Doubtful.  The whole point of using a Blackberry is because of its support for push over the cellular network, not for its WiFi capabilities.   Re: Pentagon device count.  It doesn't differentiate between secure and insecure, although it did point out that even most of the Blackberrys were not being used for secure data.   I wonder if the total includes all the iPod touches that were deployed as translators, and iPads used as flight bags.
  The Galaxy S3's body is polycarbonate.
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