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  Sounds like you're coming around to align with what everyone else is saying.     Google, like Apple, sells the fact that they know what we're interested in, but never the info itself.  That way, advertisers have to pay them to show their ads to the right people.   Neither Google nor Apple sell personally identifiable information to any outsider. Internally,"affiliates may share this personal information with each other" and "combine it with other information to provide...
  Yet just a few months ago, some people thought she was a California business friendly, Samsung hating judge who overruled their pleas to include important evidence.     People can be so fickle.   Works both ways.  If the jurors had spent more time (as was expected), their results might not have been so screwy, and the court's time might not have been wasted with another trial.    What I wonder is, cannot the jurors be summoned back and asked for clarification?  Or are...
  No, but thanks for establishing your parenting background.     As I pointed out, my daughter used Android because of very large and popular Flash based child games (e.g. Moshi Monsters).   Those were not written for Android.  They were written for laptop and desktop usage.   Their revenue comes from getting a fair number of parents to sign up for a small monthly fee that covers everything.
  Actually, quite the opposite.   Abnormally biased posters like you are exactly what attracts so many normal people to respond, and real fans to leave.   Yep, sad but true.  YOU are a major reason why there are so many open-minded thinkers here.     Therefore, the only way to save the forum from them, is for you to leave, or to change your ways to be less "repellent".    
  Nope.  As noted, I was responding to the question about willfulness that she ruled on at the end of January.     Several people had wondered how a judge could "change" what the jury said.  (The short answer is that she didn't change their finding.  However the jury is only part of the overall legal requirement for willfulness.)
I highly suspect that those slamming the parents, don't have any young kids of their own.   The IAP thing happened to us last year.  Wife downloaded a game, gave the iPad to our daughter, ended up with $250 of purchases within minutes.    Fully expecting to pay for this mistake, we wrote Apple to simply ask how to prevent it in the future.  Apple voluntarily responded that they would remove the charges and sent a form email with instructions on how to turn off the...
  Oh for goodness' sake.  Every day we watch you call anyone who doesn't hate the same things you hate, a shill.  It's totally lost any meaning in your posts, you do it so often.     No one said that.  What everyone is telling you, is that your repeated claim that Google sells personal information to third parties, is totally bogus.
  In this case, she felt that anyone with knowledge of prior art would've objectively believed that Apple's touch patents could be invalid, and thus there can be no extra damages for willfulness over and above the infringement awards.   Note that it does not matter for this part, whether Samsung thought they were invalid or not.  It only matters what the judge thinks an objective observer would think.      So that knocked out extra damages for the patents.   TRADE...
  Actually, for patent cases, many companies would prefer to have trained judges decide the outcome.   Over and over again, patent jury trials have been shown to be a throw of the dice.  Even Apple has a love/hate relationship with them.   Just look at the VirnetX jury trial in Texas where Apple lost $368 million over Facetime, and could soon owe at least that much again in another jury trial on the same topic.
  We know that Google does not sell personal information to anyone.     In fact, that would undermine the very way they actually do make money, which is by selling anonymous ad placements... the same as Apple does with their iAds.
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