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There might be larger ones, but TD Bank is a glaring hole so far. Covering the whole Bos-Wash corridor, it ought to be on this list but isn't.
Why do they show a robins-egg blue iPhone 6 when no one has said anything about colors?
Most often those outlets at airports are all used up by people with their boat-anchor laptops made by God-Knows-Who.
I'm not getting why anyone thinks this gadget will be successful. $300 for something that is gone in 60 seconds when a car door slams into your wrist? Or you lose your balance and...down...went...Frasier? An iPad, sure. People take care of those things...iPhone, too. But the 'risk of breakage' with an iWatch trumps anything else Apple sells. And that risk is all yours...try going to the Genius Bar with any even remotely plausible story and see what happens.   $300 might...
It's not gold, it's 'Pewter.' LOL
Moore's Law--or derivations of same--dictate that costs would come down over time and chip technology 'matures.' Why do people think a $90 BOM is unattainable? Look at how little you can pay for today's laptop! Why can't smart phones evolve along the same trend line?
'Launch' is one thing, availability is another. Imagine the angry customers flooding stores on Black Friday, 98% of them walking away without one.
I think Apple's compressed product cycles are hurting the company. You could count on an annual refresh, which took away some of the 'buyers' remorse' people feel now. I'd love the iPad Mini, but I turned my nose up at it because the Retina version will be coming so soon after the initial launch. Same with the iPhone 5S. Why bother with the iPhone 5 with NFC and 'colors' coming with the 5S. No wonder Wal-Mart is blowing out the 4S and 5 at $47 and $127 respectively. They...
I agree that the entry-level one should have been priced at $299. The difference between that and $329 is simply margin that Apple could have afforded to give away. I'm absolutely certain that they will sell fewer of these at $329 than they would have at $299. That's not rocket science. But what they just did was let the competition hang around because now the buying decision isn't as clear-cut as it would have been at $299.  
It's a paradox for the brick-and-mortar stores. Out of all the products one could buy on-line, a local Best Buy will probably carry 1% of those...and then only the most expensive ones which people don't necessarily want. Go onto BestBuy.com and you will see dozens of products you could get in a particular category--say external hard drives. Sort that selection by those available in-store and you magically only see 2 or 3 options...always the most expensive ones. The...
New Posts  All Forums: