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Please delete my Account including all files on stock. I would like to receive a affirmation. Thank you and kind regards,
Hi, I've purchased an Season Pass for South Park Season 12 and since yesterday there's a new episode avaible, I also got the mail from Apple! Now, my question is: I got an Apple TV and with that I bought already some episodes from othere soaps and downloaded them directly to my Apple TV. WHY keeps Apple TV now telling me, that there wouldn't be any downloads avaible for my account - BUT on iTunes (on my PC) it says it does.... Why can't I download the episode...
Hey, The German Store has already "english language shows"
Hi, I was wondering when Apple allows users to upgrade their previously bought SD Episodes into HD? Does anybody here know something about that fact? I send a mail to Apple, but the simply told me that they weren't supposed to talk about "any rumours like that" .. :-/ Man, I really DON'T want to buy everything over and over again, iTunes Plus is working so fine, why can't they just offer the same for TV-Shows?! (I posted the same question in several other...
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