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No link to the source?
Were you able to buy local service for your iPhone in Israel?   What carrier did you use?   I have an unlocked iPhone 4S, and I'd like to be able to use it without paying AT&T's obscene roaming fees.   Do you have any tips to offer?
Well, it looks like you've fixed it. I'm posting this from my original stevenjklein account.   I'm fine with your suspending the "steveklein" account, but it does raise a question: What system do you have in place for people to contact you about issues like this?  I couldn't post about my problem, because I was suspended. I couldn't find a contact address, but I noticed the site sent me an automated birthday message from jamb@appleinsider.com. Since that was the only...
Compared to the year-ago quarter:Gartner had Apple up 13.7% while IDC reported an increase of 24.1%. Gartner has Acer down 21%, while IDC has Acer up 0.1%. Now I understand that they use different methodologies, and I don't expect the numbers from two different analysts to match perfectly. But I expect them to be closer than this! In any event, these numbers are preliminary estimates. In the coming weeks AAPL, et. al. will release their financial reports including...
Does that bps stand for "basis points"? The first time an uncommon abbreviation is used in an article, please spell it out.
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