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I can confirm that you're the only one.
The design is not bad. It's not as elegant as an iPhone but it's definitely too plain to be "ugly". Many people prefer a physical keyboard. It won't be too much of an engineering challenge to produce another version without one in the future if that's what the market wants. Nobody even mentioned that this will run the new Android 2. Your dear leader himself has proclaimed the declining significance of the hardware with a shift of focus to the software. If Motorola can...
what.. that product transition already happened? I thought that was related to the upcoming macbooks... aluminum enclosures instead of plastic seem much more of a "transition" than a little pricedrop for the iPods?! Also, weren't there rumors about a dedicated GPU? That would probably be a move to finally embrace gaming... and again more worthy of the term "transition". So lets wait until, what.. 14th? I'm sure the new macbooks made from one solid aluminum brick in an...
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