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I must be the only happy iPad photo user here. I have no problems whatsoever loading raw photos from my d90 nikon directly to my ipad3. I also have absolutely no problems syncing any type of photo from iPhoto/itunes to iPad. I have no trouble at all doing editing on ipsad. I shot a wedding this past saturday and out of 449 photos taken in raw format I had zer0 trouble. The shooting and transfers were flawless. 
My post was not nonsense, nor was it a rant I merely pointed out the obvious M.O. of many trolls here at AI.  The nonsense is you butting in.
Doesn't have to be said. It's implied. 
My statement/description was in general also, and I stand behind it. What I described is a common thing around here; The average, everyday, ordinary, run of the mill android troll Comes to AI- spew's apple hate while claiming they don't hate them because they own products Apple sells. I realize that the mangy, low-life android loser, apple hating troll that comes here is a nuisance to most readers, and that those same mangy, low-life android losers should also be called...
There is no doubt about someone being a mangy, low life, apple hating troll loser when they start proclaiming all their apple devices they have and use to spread apple hate.
Yes, when there are huge lines to purchace items it means there is huge demand for the item. The type of demand not seen with any other phone. It is not by any means manipulation, and to suggest it as such makes you look to be a bigger fool than you are. iPhone's type of demand will not happen with an android shit phone EVER.  It's not rocket science it's common sense.... but then if you are here at AI to spout off against apple, and for android it make sense to me that...
gotta be the dumbest statement in a long time on AI.... 3GS to 4 was a major aesthetic change and performance gain as usual. 4 to 4S was again a huge leap in performance. Don't be so efing obtuse.
what an idiotic statement. Samsung is just a player no different than any other cheap ass tv manufacturer is. There is nothing special about their tv's.  Ecosystem? what the **** are you on? please dont make yourself out to be such a fool with stupid ass statements. samsung tv's In fact they are junk based on my experience. I have the last samsung tv I will ever own, a 42inch lcd and it has to be restarted almost every time I change its channel because the sound goes out....
I imagine that anything running android on a phone is considered a DUMBphone at this point...   I fixed that for you. 
I wonder if nurses and doctors had, and were able to use an "ignore feature" similar to appleinsiders? wouldn't that would be great...
New Posts  All Forums: