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it' is just you...
if you have to keep restoring that way you should take it to genius bar
    thanks, I did not see that...still don't like the forum changes though.
    Sorry had to delete since the reply and quote button didn't add the relevant information I needed and I am not gonna take time to figure it out.             
help... can't find the ignore list to block all the maggot trolls that arrived last few days. If the ignore list is gone , i may have to stop coming here to read about all the Apple goodness, the maggot (android) trolls ruin the conversation. BTW, the look of the new forums sux. 
Here are the directions to find all of googles products------ go to the old corner gas station - ask to use restroom- drag key hooked to tire rim to restroom door to unlock it-look in the dirty nasty toilet for google products- you will have to move the giant turds(android) out of the way so you can find the rest of their "shit" that doesn't float...
she can always turn them on herself if she's that concerned...
if his phone has its own @me.com or iCloud you can log into his particular iCloud/@me.com and track
Since PowerPC apps are no longer supported you probably need to upgrade "office" to a newer version.
I have a 3 year old samsung 42 inch tv. What a POS. It crashes and has to be turned off and back on almost every time you switch channels. NO SHIT! the sound goes out constantly and the interface is a fucking joke. Never samesung again
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