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as with anyone or anything, you KNOW you are THE BEST when so many do behave that way. it shows how lame they and the products they think they can brag about are. need to be given away for free = lame thus, for the "lame"
he said "not so heavy weight". i think iPhoto is the least heavy of them.
Really? There must be another reason for your audio troubles. I have had all 3 apple tvs and have been able to output dolby5.1 through hdmi or optical on all of them. I used to use the optical cable for sound but now only use HDMI because of the distances (>35ft. cable length)between my tv screen and my "in wall" sound reinforcement/appletv/bluray/8TB storage/wii cabinet. I have used the optical before at my old house and they push pcm and dolby 5.1 just fine. Apple tv...
preempte? whatever... android is lame, and was put out there for free for the lamer. Get a clue.
I really like iPhoto. Works great for me, and i have over 30k of photos... mostly raw and then edited either in iPhoto or PS5. I haven't seen any "quick easy app" that does as good of a job that isn't "more heavyweight" than iPhoto. What is your suggestion?
The fandroids will spin this every possible way to make them selves feel better, this we can be sure of. lame ass android... so lame and lame ass fandroids.... so so lame. I almost feel sorry for the poor fools. NOT!!!
if iTunes or netflix has it available, and the device is capable, then it usually shows 1080HD in the description
WHy don't you go spout off against apple products on a NON-APPLE site instead of APPLE insider? you and your lame "toys" are so lame...should have put this troll on ignore long ago.
I am certain that I am not a voyeur. You can call it for yourself if you want, but I wouldn't let your neighbors or employer know about it. Or do they already?
sorry Relic, he's right on with statement...
New Posts  All Forums: