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I have to agree with your math. But... Yesterday we watched some movies and tv shows in 1080 on our new and just delivered AppleTV3 (came at 730 am). We were blown away by the quality. The videos and sound were spectacular. The video was ready to play in no more than 5 seconds after purchase too, which hasn't changed for us even with the higher resolutions provided. The high quality of the 1080p content on iTunes definitely means that we will never buy another bluray disc....
we love it here. you are not alone...
you seemed to care enough to post 2 -3 times about how apple is seemingly ripping people off by not giving everyone the same features from every product they sell..[insult removed]
it will erase it. it says it will do it and thats what it will do. move the music files from shitty dell to nice mac over ethernet or wifi or usb cable or disc or whatever other networking mode the shitty dell is capable of because macbook can probably do any and all and then some....
maybe the dingo ate your @me account
"IGNORE LIST" this mangy troll and don't reply to the stupid comments they post. Then those that have used the ignore list to avoid seeing the stupidity don't have to see it in a reply. The ignore list is your friend. Learn it, know it, exercise it, live it....
I keep most trolls on the ignore list, but this reply to one of my ignored actually made me happy that people sometimes reply to and quote them. That way I can have a good laugh while avoiding most of the BS from trolls.
maybe you have too many computers on your account? check your account setting in iTunes. Should tell you how many you have or have left...if you forgot to de - authorize an old computer before you let it go, just de-authorize them all off and reassign the ones you now have.
the head is obviously "in the ass" if you've seen the other posts from this troll.... ignore list works fine if other people would quit replying to the trolls, and stop quoting their ridiculous comments..
my electric bill jumped $25 this past month. Been steady for a few years but suddenly jumped. probably a rate hike from AEP in southwest michigan/
New Posts  All Forums: