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Wow, the stunning intellect you've presented in your first ever post on AI leaves me wondering how this forum ever existed without you. May I please have a link to all your online social portholes so that I may follow you and gaze with amazement at your wisdom.
Wow, I just made the reading of this thread tolerable. I just had to add a few more names to the "block the troll list"
i don't have a link to double blind test that you ask for. but 24/192 files smoke the 16/44 and the 256k files from anywhere hands down no question about it. My 256 k rips i make from 24/192 files also smoke the files from iTunes and they sound as good or better than the cd. They sound far superior on any piece of equipment I have listened to them on. iPod, iPhones, and either of them plugged into car stereo or through the apple tv/ home theatre. i am not just saying that...
you may have to do a recovery install. I think you can do that and have the install keep your user accounts and files.
i have always been able to re-run the installer for the system I have. Usually one can't go in reverse though.
download and run the combo installer.
I have 20 mbps here and Apple's HD content starts within seconds and runs great, it was just as good when I had the 12 mbps service. Netflix stutters and stalls and is unavailable so much it's ridiculous. Netflix simply sux...I only keep them because they have some cartoons that my kids like.
i cut the cord a few years ago. The only issue I have is watching nfl or college BBall. Otherwise.......fsck-em
you will just have to log in as your old user account that has the balance and use it up from there.
remote app works fine here on iPhone 4 and iPod touch after updates...so only verified on your own device
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