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you can preview any show you want on TV to see if it interests you. that is what I call show surfing. Besides, being commercial free is so nice. When we go to someones house and the tv is on to watch i get antsy seeing commercials. I could have spent that time previewing a show I may decide to watch.
I would bet that 2 gig would be a bare minimum if you only do email or web surf. I had 4 gig in my 2009 iMac 24inch and it was all good except for aperture or photoshop. I had a lot of page outs with those apps. I put 8 gigs in a few weeks ago and there was a huge difference in performance. If my iMac could do 16 gigs i would do it, but alas....
I have the same player, It was recommended by a trusted, and professional audio-visual dealer as being a very good player. He also explained that Blu-rays players at the time (2008) were dreadfully slow at loading the blu-ray discs. I don't know if the load times have improved but you could make eggo's in the toaster before it is ready to play. He said that they should get better as the tech advances but that this is where it was at that time. I will not be buying another...
we do the same thing, it is a great solution and saves big bucks. PBS is goo choice for televised news if you need it too
evidently, no... you should go to the Apple support site and search for the problem in discussions. If it is a known issue there should be instances and a remedy shown there. If it is just your iPhone, take it to apple store and maybe they can take care of it for you. Since it seems to be a long term problem for you since you originally posted on the 4th, you should have already been to Apple genius bar and more than likely have been given a replacement. good luck
oh, and the iMac doesn't fit anyones needs...
you would still need a cable tv and an HBO subscription to use HBO Go. How fucking lame is that? So it wouldn't do me any good since I only use cable for internet. I did away with cable tv long ago and have never looked back. There was so many reasons to not have cable, and only a few for keeping it. TV is awesome to use. Purchasing a show now and then, and rent or buy movies is the way it works for our family of four. We have over the air network, and stale ass shows on...
is... use ignore list for trolls. And please don't quote or reply to them. Then, if at all possible, their birdbrains will shrink even more.
just add the trolls to your ignore list and don't respond to them before you add them. That way I don't have to see their idiotic statements as I read through the threads. BTW, my ignore list has grown to about 40 idiots in the last year or two. Before the dorkdroids came here to squawk about what goes on (or lack thereof) in their tiny birdbrains my list had never included more than five of the biggest apple haters here.
no joking! the audio quality of files from hdtracks is amazing.
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