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The rips I have made as ALAC do have better sound than the 256k rips from apple or amazon. They are all but an exact copy of the original CD. When comparing with amazons I have found  rips to be better sounding; and the user experience in iTunes is way better. The 256k rips from  definitely have very good sound though. There seems to be some EQ processing that enhances the bass or thickness of the tracks. That is not always a desirable effect for me, but I think most...
like TS said, use garageband to make ringtones. There is even a template for them. I make ringtones this way in 2 minutes....
None at all, ever. They are for people who have a need for some kind of undeserved recognition. It's like the think they are somebody now that their lifes story or the picture of them with no hands on the handlebars of their bicycle is on a web page. The only way most of them will ever be seen or heard outside of home or work by anyone other than their closest friends is through these portals. So it makes them feel good to think they are someone. It reminds me of the...
you are so WRONG!!!!! guess again. Samsung products are a huge rip-off of Apples designs. Scamdroid is a direct rip-off of iOS' design. Hemroid is also a ripoff of java. Oracle will be putting the slap down on crookle soon enough too. Kiss your "free FTW" mantra goodbye. It was never free, since it was stolen.
dumb asses usually don't' get it. Adding their user names to the "ignore list" in your "User CP" is the best way to not have to deal with their stupidity. BTW, the list works great as long as others don't reply to these trolls....
I just thought of how many times a day I use google too.... big fat zero. And instead of SCARY my internets are awesome. Not to mention much less invasive of my privacy.
any links yet to the combo update for lion?
Isn't that what Bugs Bunny says?
[QUOTE=Tallest Skil;1955827]Why? because when it's streamed the press lose the exclusivity.
stinks is not a strong enough word for netflix selections for streaming. ok, there are a few titles for kids, and its good place to find washed -up shows that can't seem to find a place to die.
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