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wow, you must live in net fix's upstairs apartment!! netflix streaming laaaaaaags soooooo bad on my 35 mbit smoking cable internet. nothing else does...
installed LION: the whole process took about 45 minutes. (download to running) everything seems fine, and i love the new look and feel of OSX. Nice improvement for Mail and Safari. oh, and the FINDER is awesome.
i am getting around 3.4 mb per second with my 35mbit internet. iThink that is pretty fast isnt it? spikes to 4.4 drops to 1.6 every once in a while. i am 2.5GB through in 15 minutes
check for any alarms you may have set up in ical that may be using mail as default for sending alerts
you mean from your fandroid blogs...
Napoleon dynamite says the merging of osx and ios will be called "LIGER" a cross between lion and tiger, it is bred for its powers in magic
I am not sure apple would do the whole tv set. I think its more likely that they would put the tv inside other brands of tv's, or as the tv evolves I could see an even smaller device (thinks ipod nano sized) with and HDMI male output that plugs directly into an existing tv. The remote, if IR is an obstacle. i bet they'd figure that out in short order though. Also, is the any power provided through HDMI? I'm not sure off the top if it is... My large flat screen is wall...
hold the command button whiule checking/unchecking. will check or uncheck all in playlist
maybe you should put a disc in and see if it works. I wouldnt know that my drive existed if i didnt have a disc in it...if there is a disc stuck in there try rebooting while holding down the "period button" until the disc ejects
is that you teckstud?
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