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I've just had a quick play with Pages via iCloud and paragraph numbering (via Bullets and Lists) appears to be pretty good. It provides simple numbering as well as the Harvard numbering style. Used in conjunction with the indent buttons it seems to work a treat.
'Victims'. To use the word 'victims' in this context is an insult to those who ARE victims. If you're in the middle of a sale, you just can't suddenly leave saying, "sorry it's my break time, can you hang on half an hour, why not play a little solitaire on this wonderful iMac you're trying to purchase?" Or "sorry, it's my break time can you repeat to my colleague here, who will be glad to help you as long as it doesn't cut into her break time too, what you're interested...
Rumour: Apple Retail to operate in the same fashion it has always done. "If true, the information isn't surprising..."
If true, this announcement is what one might call 'THINKing DIFFERENTly'.
Ahrendts' success will depend on those who are hierarchically below her earning a relative pittance. Such grotesque remuneration disparity doesn't exactly foster group feelings of 'all for one, one for all'. I'm not sure I would feel comfortable facing my fellow workers with such enormous disparity. I refer to anyone else in a similar position as well.
It would be interesting to know what office software Apple itself uses routinely. I cannot imagine their accounting and finance departments using anything but Excel.
Interesting piece, particularly juxtaposed to this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonchang/2014/04/27/apple-be-afraid-chinas-xiaomi-going-global/
But Apple has hundreds of billions in cash. Of course Apple could sell their products at lower prices. Sure that would mean lower profit margins - which would probably lead to the point where they might have only tens of billions in cash rather than a few hundred billion, or thereabouts, or perhaps not, given the elasticity of market response to lower iPhone prices. But given their financials, Apple has a LOT of room to offer their products at lower prices. They've just...
Hmmm, I'd say impertinent, rather than funny. Microsoft know 'Next' is the foundation of OSX.
This.The spirit of clauses in employee contracts preventing them from working for competitors is to protect R&D, operational methods and future plans on which perhaps little funds have yet to be spent. The spirit of the clauses is not to suppress remuneration.Also, the sort of people who are subject to such clauses, by and large, receive a much more than comfortable remuneration, particularly when measured against average remunerations. As such, pleads for sympathy for...
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