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Hmmm, I'd say impertinent, rather than funny. Microsoft know 'Next' is the foundation of OSX.
This.The spirit of clauses in employee contracts preventing them from working for competitors is to protect R&D, operational methods and future plans on which perhaps little funds have yet to be spent. The spirit of the clauses is not to suppress remuneration.Also, the sort of people who are subject to such clauses, by and large, receive a much more than comfortable remuneration, particularly when measured against average remunerations. As such, pleads for sympathy for...
These releases of erstwhile confidential communiques would possibly make me, were I an Apple employee, think twice about what I write.
Schiller shouldn't believe everything he reads. This memo betrayed his insecurity.
Besides, When you're earning 10 bucks an hour, driving down wages is understandably fretful. But when you're earning 75 bucks an hour, it doesn't quite have the same weight of outrage.
It wasn't conspiring to keep wages down. If top Safari engineers went to some company making fishing rods where they earned more money I don't believe Jobs would have raged. It's top engineers taking trade secrets to a competitor who wants to undermine your sales that makes one rage.
 Absolutely. That image is a negative one for this product.
I went into the Apple Store and test drove the 5c and 5s on all the apps I use. I saw no appreciable difference in performance. The 5c felt better in my hand. I liked the way the default background matched the case - It looked very stylish. So I bought the 5c and am very happy with it. The Apple honeycomb covers are ludicrously priced and so I have no intention of buying one, and I reckon using one would detract from the tactile experience which I believe is one of the...
 Apple are involved with Pro Desktops, Standard Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. Google are involved with Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, GoogleGlass, Self-drive cars, Robotics and now Networked Home Accessories - and, of course, Search. Google's portfolio is more varied. Self-drive cars and Robotics have an exciting flare to them, a flare that Apple seems to lack at the moment. There is a lot of expectation for Apple to develop disruptive technology. They...
Wow, Samsung is aggressive! Is this a reflection of the routine 16-hour daily studying regime to which South Korean kids are subject I wonder?
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