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Interesting post.   "As to whether the patent system should allow patenting software ... that's another issue"   Yes, might mountain climbers one day be able to patent a route? 
I wonder how the Apple iTunes database works. I presume Apple have one copy of the music file (perhaps several reflecting a few different bit rates?) and then pointers to everyone who has bought the rights to listen to it ('own' it)? If this is the case, I don't understand the need for any limit. The real storage issue in, terms of cost, is the music files themselves, and there's only one-ish copy of each song...um, right? 
"rag" is inappropriate. Actually, I think I have the murmurings of feeling offended. Did you hear me? I feel OFFENDED!!! AppleInsider has no right to write something that someone might find offensive!!! Where is the respect? Have I ever written something that disparages this often-accurate site? No, I haven't. I expect reciprocity! I don't offend you, well, you never make a big fuss anyway, and so you don't offend me. See how it works so beautifully and harmoniously and...
Given the stature of Apple as a whole, Apple Maps is an embarrassment, particularly relative to Google Maps. That Google had a head start is completely irrelevant to the User searching today. There is a lot that works and is presented accurately, but even so, I'd say the main problem being the Search and POI being woeful relative to the Google offering. FlyOver is nothing beyond a clever gimmick given the paltry list where it's available. I suppose the quality of the...
Not sure one can be 'proud' of an inherent trait, something of which one makes no effort to achieve. Can one be 'proud' of, say, brown eyes? One can be pleased with one's eyes, but one doesn't achieve them. Just examining Tim's cumbersome logic in this announcement. Otherwise he seems to be running a pretty tight ship, now he can be proud of that!
TC states "Apple should only enter areas where Apple can control the primary technology". > does this mean that Apple Maps is soon to be discontinued?
First, these are photographs of nudes and sex - stuff that is pretty common knowledge, seen and practised freely by consenting adults in most societies. Why the outrage over nudity? They are not pics of people holding up severed heads. Second, why would Jennifer Lawrence et al keep photographs they wish to keep strictly private on ANY Cloud server? It seems to me that a number of the pics of JL were probably held by other people as well - like the photographers who took...
I've just had a quick play with Pages via iCloud and paragraph numbering (via Bullets and Lists) appears to be pretty good. It provides simple numbering as well as the Harvard numbering style. Used in conjunction with the indent buttons it seems to work a treat.
'Victims'. To use the word 'victims' in this context is an insult to those who ARE victims. If you're in the middle of a sale, you just can't suddenly leave saying, "sorry it's my break time, can you hang on half an hour, why not play a little solitaire on this wonderful iMac you're trying to purchase?" Or "sorry, it's my break time can you repeat to my colleague here, who will be glad to help you as long as it doesn't cut into her break time too, what you're interested...
Rumour: Apple Retail to operate in the same fashion it has always done. "If true, the information isn't surprising..."
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