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Oh dear, this reminds me of Steve Balmer's rather inaccurate forecast of the failure of the iPhone. And with what does Lutz rhyme? 
If they do ship phones requiring the new plug, they'd better come with an adapter to avoid a lot of disgruntlement. That's a pretty big market to fragment. 
 With respect, you aren't quite getting my point.No double standard. I would find Nazi propaganda stating "We even make the women we rape cum" - making light of violent demeaning attacks - just as despicable.  Of course I wouldn't want to prevent anyone from reading what actually happened and learning the truth. But If I were a Party leader I wouldn't want to have any character writing or promoting such material for Party publications, or his own publications, while...
  There are a number of references there I don There's violence against women and then there's "I even make the women I rape cum" - as if it's an every-day occurrence as often as one crosses the street, without any nuance of regret, on the contrary it reads as though he's doing them a favour. I suppose he was being respectful in that he didn't refer to those he rapes as bitches.  I'm not alluding to people playing characters, that is quite plain, or it ought to have been....
> Can you substantiate that? 
  I'm afraid there are a number of references in your response that I don't recognise. But that being the unfortunate case, if I may refer to your comment "But maybe youth of today needs such language so that even something arrives...".  I say, "Really?" If the answer is, "yes", I say "how sad, isn't it a sign of debasement and brutality -  a loss of deportment, like a complete mindless hippy-loving anarchic free for all".Did it all start with: "If you can't be with the...
Well, I've just found the lyrics to Medicine Man ... and it's true ... read and weep: Doc, doc, you gotta give us some good news (Yeah, about that...) [Intro: Candice Pillay] Don't let me find out, the bitch in you Don't let me find out, the snitch in you [Hook: Candice Pillay] Fame and fortune, it's not your forte **** the world now, I'm done with foreplay Doctor's orders: go **** yourself Take two of these in the morning, overdose and kill yourself Doctor's...
Dr. Dre's new CD: I read this in a recent article: "In a track featuring Eminem called Medicine Man, the rapper is heard saying: “Ain’t no one safe from, non-believers there ain’t none/I even make the bitches I rape cum”." > Is this true?
  Good question. What makes a DNA strand 'European'? 
What, no metric for males, regardless of ethnicity, who are no taller than 5'9" !?!? We don't want Apple employing disproportionately high number of short people!   Regardless of actual DNA traits, if one, a 'Caucasian European male say, "identifies as black or Hispanic or female" (apparently we can do that now) would that give one a few more points on the Apple application score card? 
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