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"Your religion and the Catholic religion have been molesting children for decades" > I think you'll find it's been centuries; long, long, long before the advent of freedom of speech, investigative journalism and police forces enforcing democratic public policy. -----------------   The assertion is that the Confederate flag is a symbol of the promotion of slavery, and this is why Apple wish to act as censor and prevent their customers from being exposed to...
 I'm sure property costs are stratospheric, and that the cost of the spaceship once the plans were finalised, inclusive of all materials and services charges, was stratospsheric. But surely, once the final plans were fixed in stone, along with main contractors' awarded quotes which are based on subcontractor awarded quotes, from THAT point the costs can't have escalated by two thousand million. An underestimate by that amount is indicative of staggering incompetence....
Two BILLION OVER budget? Two thousand million? That can't be right!? How much was the project supposed to cost at the point the plans were finalised? Surely it should be 2 million. 
 Brilliant, made me LOL - thank you! 
Unfathomable complexity and minuteness. The people who make these things may as well be gods.
 Really? I've never seen an ad? Maybe there is a configuration setting that allows ads to display, though I've no recollection of turning-off anything of the sort. 
I try and use AppleMaps occasionally, but invariably slip back into using Waze which I find generally slicker, easier to use and more pleasing to the eye. I presume Waze now utilises Google Search and POI, those two are the hammer that Google/Waze has over the Apple offering. I love the way Waze prompts you to inform someone about your trip and send an estimated ETA along with a URL to a live link of your journey. I use this every day for my journey home. 
 This.An implied presumption in setting up a business is that you enter into an exchange with ANYONE (who is of legal age to exchange for the items/service and who is not a wanted criminal) who offers you the stated price.  This means that you have to be prepared to serve someone who is perhaps openly Republican, or with openly Nazi sympathies, or women, or Gingers, or men, or Irish, or Trekkies, or Canadians, or your mother-in-law, or members of the Osama bin Laden fan...
Interesting post.   "As to whether the patent system should allow patenting software ... that's another issue"   Yes, might mountain climbers one day be able to patent a route? 
I wonder how the Apple iTunes database works. I presume Apple have one copy of the music file (perhaps several reflecting a few different bit rates?) and then pointers to everyone who has bought the rights to listen to it ('own' it)? If this is the case, I don't understand the need for any limit. The real storage issue in, terms of cost, is the music files themselves, and there's only one-ish copy of each song...um, right? 
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