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Meijer is a straight-up operation that got its start around Grand Rapids. Reasonable prices, good merchandise, spotless stores and a solid customer focus. They seem to have a customer experience mindset similar to Apple. That they started as a family business and are still privately held may have a lot to do with it.
The day is still early. The comments haven't begun. Wait a few hours.(Update one hour later)Here we go. See comments.http://nation.foxnews.com/2014/10/30/apple-ceo-tim-cook-comes-out-‘i’m-proud-be-gay’Homophobes catering to a homophobic demographic.
As long as Tim can continue to be a brilliant and effective business leader - which he himself emphasizes is his overriding focus in life - I have no problem at all with how and where he chooses to express the values he feels should underpin society and Apple's place in the world. His company and our country are the better for it.
Today will also be a watershed moment worth watching at Faux News, where all the ultraconservative commentators will be gnashing their teeth. They'll lament the destruction of patriotic, red-blooded heterosexual Corporate America. They'll call for boycotts of Apple products. They'll report breaking news - reactionary religious zealots will be organizing bonfires on their church front lawns where the true believers can trash and burn all their iDevices.
... And in a further development, CVS announced that it is restricting payment by purchasers with cash unless customers are willing to show the store clerk their drivers license or state-issued photo ID, their email address, Social Security number, mother's hat size, and any test results in the last six months for hematocrit, blood sugar, STDs and [males only] sperm count.
And does your accountant drive a horse and buggy to work, hmmm ....? Hard copy isn't required. Whether on paper or digitally, all the IRS requires is that an expense be substantiated by evidence.
It appears that you copied the "not intrinsically safe" drivel from the link that you posted. Your link offers nothing in the way of facts or references - merely one writer's opinion, which carries about as much weight as your opinion. Meanwhile, see the authoritative, fact-based links...
Not so. Better go back and read the chart and bar graph at the top of this article.
This is a classic case of "We don't know what we don't know." The big "don't know" is how much Apple is relying on sapphire for its current and future products, something Apple is unlikely to divulge voluntarily for competitive reasons. About the only way that Apple would share any light on sapphire scarcity is if short supply would have a significant effect on expected operating results, in which case the SEC's rules about material disclosure would require a statement....
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