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Couldn't agree with you more. This is what Ive wants to be doing with his life, in his own words. Apple is his tool to change the world.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11230522/Apples-Sir-Jony-Ive-interview-Bad-design-is-offensive.html
If you're doing a stand-up in the men's room and holding on to whatever it is you hold on to (not the water pipe), does that mean you have something wrong?
Anybody who believes Ben Thompson needs to see the damn story and photos in The Telegraph, where Cook and Ive TOGETHER SPEND AN HOUR with Stephen Fry, tramping around the new Apple campus construction. Does that look like anybody on his "way out"?http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11628710/When-Stephen-Fry-met-Jony-Ive-the-self-confessed-fanboi-meets-Apples-newly-promoted-chief-design-officer.html
Begone with that kind of talk ...http://englishplus.com/grammar/00000217.htm
Some Swiss watchmakers are starting to react with advertising. Both Rolex and Rado commercials have been showing up quite a bit during postseason NBA and NHL broadcasts. They offer dramatic visuals of striking and handsome products. My first reaction has been to be impressed, but then a few seconds later, the thought comes to mind ... "Wait a minute ... they're just watches ..." (Addendum: a closeup of the Rolex watch face shows on it the legend - "Superlative...
The exclusive connection between Apple and Cingular during the iPhone development phase was greatly driven by the need for secrecy. Steve Jobs trusted one carrier - Cingular - not to spill the beans before he was ready to announce the iPhone. http://archive.fortune.com/2007/01/10/commentary/lewis_fortune_iphone.fortune/index.htm
Less an issue with local monopoly than it would be with nationwide monopsony. The power that a Comcast-Time Warner as a cable gateway could exert over content creators would be far too great.
I don't buy your "neutral" claim. If that were so, why bring sexual preference up at all? DanielSW has an aversion to homosexuality and he went out of his way to let everyone know it, and that it is an element in how he considers Tim Cook.
OSX Castro?
Photos are still there on Apple's web page for the 12" MacBook.
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