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It's reminiscent of the people who 10 years ago concocted the legal arguments for waterboarding and rendition. This latest assault on constitutional privacy protection is by trying to crminalize even those who try to advance that privacy protection. This is not simply a theory that supports government overreach. It's the behavior of despots and authoritarians.
$1 billion? That's all?
I think you and I both had issues at the time a couple years ago, when an upgrade to Apple's Music app slowed sharing from different Macs to a crawl. The problem persisted for several months until Apple got around to fixing it. Even so, it's pretty sluggish at this late date. Content-wise, StreamToMe saved our bacon back then, so it looks like it's coming to our rescue a second time. So there's a lesson twice-learned: Don't put all our confidence in the way Apple...
You may want to check out the StreamToMe app for iPhones and iPads in the App Store. It handles lots of different formats.http://zqueue.com/streamtome/support/features.html#formatIt's dirt cheap and I've been using it for years, accessing my libraries on WiFi both at home and while traveling and also using 4G LTE. Pay once for the StreamToMe app and use it on all your devices when you Install the free ServeToMe app for Mac or Windows. It has AirPlay capability so you can...
Good. Fair is fair. As Apple used to be fond of saying - Don't Steal Music.
May we send you some candles to help you find your way in the wilderness?
There are two distinguished Chicago architects who became notorious for revolutionary design philosophies that couldn't hold water. Literally. The roofs and windows had chronic leaks due to the architects' designs. The initials of these geniuses are FLW and HJ. Fixing the problems was near impossible without great costs or significantly changing the original design concept. Then there's the John Hancock Tower in Boston, where windows failed and crashed to the street and...
Couldn't agree with you more. This is what Ive wants to be doing with his life, in his own words. Apple is his tool to change the world.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11230522/Apples-Sir-Jony-Ive-interview-Bad-design-is-offensive.html
If you're doing a stand-up in the men's room and holding on to whatever it is you hold on to (not the water pipe), does that mean you have something wrong?
Anybody who believes Ben Thompson needs to see the damn story and photos in The Telegraph, where Cook and Ive TOGETHER SPEND AN HOUR with Stephen Fry, tramping around the new Apple campus construction. Does that look like anybody on his "way out"?http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11628710/When-Stephen-Fry-met-Jony-Ive-the-self-confessed-fanboi-meets-Apples-newly-promoted-chief-design-officer.html
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