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This is a classic case of "We don't know what we don't know." The big "don't know" is how much Apple is relying on sapphire for its current and future products, something Apple is unlikely to divulge voluntarily for competitive reasons. About the only way that Apple would share any light on sapphire scarcity is if short supply would have a significant effect on expected operating results, in which case the SEC's rules about material disclosure would require a statement....
If Martha Stewart can get sent to the slammer for chiseling a couple hundred grand, these guys could be good to go. Where people really get in trouble is by lying to federal investigators or a grand jury. That's when they get charged with perjury and obstruction on top of everything else.
As  in - if you tear the joint apart, you WREAK havoc. But you REEK if you cut a huge fart in the middle of a corded dance floor!
Where's sog 35? He hasn't posted on this thread yet. This ought to get him foaming at the mouth all over again.
Let's admit it. A lot of us buy from Amazon to avoid state sales taxes, since they've avoided establishing physical retail locations. I wonder what effect these pop-ups will have overall.
You're right. It should be "on track." There is no "on tract." A typo, I would guess. Keep Calm and Carry On.
Finland needs to stay away from animal husbandry as well, because it's obvious that with Nokia, they bred a one-trick pony.
Okay, okay. We get your point, which you have made ad infinitum and are beginning to make ad nauseum. The CEO's culpability will probably have to be established in court and no amount of lawyering on your part in AI can do much to change that. You're angry. You appear to have just cause. We sympathize, but can you spare the rest of us now and just give it a rest? P.S. Don't bring a sidearm with you if you decide to attend the trial. The bailiffs don't like that much.
It's been nagging at me ever since I first saw Comey on TV that he looked familiar. It just dawned on me that he bears a physical and philosophical resemblance to John Ashcroft, the first attorney general in Dubya's administration.   "The FBI director pledged that his organization does not do any electronic surveillance without a court order. A federal judge must agree that the person being spied upon is likely a terrorist, an agent of foreign power, or a serious...
New Posts  All Forums: