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Here's the irony: If you want to prevent any particular one of your credit or debit card accounts from being hacked, you must never buy anything with that card other than by using Pay! Handing the card to a server at a restaurant or swiping the magnetic strip through a terminal anywhere defeats the peace of mind and security offered by Pay. It leaves the door wide open to the traditional theft problems we have now. Once a particular card has been entered into Pay on...
Guess it had to happen sooner or later. The fashion police have helicoptered in to AI! 
Per my post #117, the media fun is starting:   http://fortune.com/2014/09/16/apple-pay-strikes-panic-at-paypal/
This flap won't stop with stories at the likes of AI and cnet. Wait a day or so until big general media like the NYTimes itself do articles about the PayPal ad and the underlying security issues. What incredible free publicity for Apple. PayPal just shot itself in the foot bigtime. Add PayPal to the rubbish pile of has-been Apple detractors like Steve Ballmer and Jim Balsillie. Once more Apple is disrupting an entire industry and the incumbents are terrified. It's no fun...
Slight correction. They shop there for what they THINK are low prices, because most people are too lazy to compare and are willing to take Walmart at its word. Take the time to compare other store sale circulars with Walmart's for a couple weeks. Get ready for a huge surprise.
Elitist? For not wanting to associate with upstanding citizens like these? http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/
Ah ... This evokes fond recollections of some of Bill Gates' more memorable product presentation screwups. Console yourselves that the in-house video recording is probably okay and we'll see it later when they straighten out the feed mess. Sabotage? Possibly. Massive incompetence? Probably.
Makes sense.
I've been thinking along the lines of neural implants for years. Not quite ready for prime time, though. Here's one to ponder. Want to explore the glaciers of New Zealand while sitting in your den in New Mexico? Take command and control of a drone using your brain, and get stereo images and sound back directly to your primary visual and auditory cortices.
In France they're called claqueurs. Or from P. T. Barnum's day ... shills.
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