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Agreed, Some buffoons like Richard Crone cited in your link are trying to write Pay off, but they're no more than a fart in a windstorm. This latest USA Today article gives the impression that he's directly connected with UBS. He's not. He's a consultant on payment systems that the UBS report apparently cited. Crone is also a jackass, akin to the guy in early 2010 when Apple first put its tablets on sale, who wrote an article titled "Why the iPad Will Flop." It's consumer...
The one opportunity the reverend passed up was when Junior (the Congressman) and his daughter-in-law copped pleas in federal court to using campaign funds as their personal piggy bank. But never fear. The family isn't out of money. For years two of his kids owned the Budweiser distributorship in Chicago, which they acquired after Dad threatened Budweiser with a national boycott because of its lack of minority-owned distributorships.
Here's another thought. When Tim met with Jesse, what if Tim in his inimitable and deft way put Jesse in his place. Then Jesse - belatedly realizing that he'd been rolled - petulantly decided to tramp through the flower bed in Tim's front yard. The heck with pay inequality. It could be nothing more than Jesse using a bogus issue to assert his ego and his demagoguery.
Maybe, maybe not. I'm inclined to give Steve more credit. He could have just as easily shrugged it off and told Jesse that Apple's dog isn't in this fight. But you raise an interesting question, because all kinds of interests have tried to drag Apple into different issues, and the company has had a pretty good track record of where it has chosen to pick its fights. It also would be interesting to hear what Laurene or Tim Cook or some of Steve's long-time friends would...
A natural and legally justified response for a property owner, but a public relations disaster. I've been there. The demonstrators are looking for trouble and all the publicity that comes with it. They may be trespassing, but unless they clearly instigate an unprovoked, imminent threat to property or people that can be supported with video evidence usable in court, you just keep your cool and let them run out of gas. Maybe next time this gang can take a hike up the road to...
From the San Jose Mercury News story: "After Jackson left for the airport, the protesters marched into an Apple building to deliver a petition ..."   That says about all that's worth saying. Here in his Chicago home base, he's been playing this game with local media for decades and his act became threadbare years ago. The TV stations no longer even bother to send out camera crews. And running a sound bite from Jesse? Forget about it.
I don't get it, TS. In this post you propose removing the power of voters to directly elect their U.S. Senators, yet in another post you want to take Congress out of budget approval by vesting that power solely with voters. Appreciate your efforts and thoughts here, but how do you reconcile the two?
Fine. Agreed that derivatives have a purpose. They can limit risk in some areas, but increase risk in others. But wouldn't you have questions when you're looking at a piece of legislation crafted by a bunch of Citibank lobbyists, as this particular language was? No thanks. I don't want to see federally insured banking institutions putting my deposits into leveraged investments and then expecting the government to save their butts when they make bad calls. If all this...
You gotta understand that this involves much more than politics. The big banks have sneaked in a way to remove some critical restrictions on their derivative trading activities. Remember derivatives? The stuff in October 2008 that blew up the markets, almost killed the banks, threatened a financial meltdown and threw the global economy into the crapper?
Actually, this poor guy David Ruddock may have to watch his back and be extra careful going past dark alleys. I can see a bunch of irate Android zealots throwing a blanket over him and beating him senseless with rubber hoses.
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