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So sorry to offend you. I understand. People who tend to interrupt others from finishing their sentences also tend to resent somebody calling them out on their behavior. I'll try to be more mindful of your personality and temperament in the future.
Guess those who know it already don't feel an obligation to actually read the whole thing. Not to be unduly harsh, but is it too much to expect that prior to making a comment, one should RTFA?
Deleted. Not worthy of a response.
So you would rather publicly shame the laggards rather than gain their cooperation to catch up to the example set by Apple? Sadly, your comment speaks more about you than it does about accessibility.
Same thing happened to me on one of our Macs. The App Store update didn't show at all on another desktop and a MacBook.
Or it may be that Katie Cotton doesn't give a rat's patootie about "distancing herself from that" ... let alone what you or I or her hairdresser may think! I'm with you in one respect - I bet she could write a fascinating insider's memoir about the great growth era of Apple.
Hackneyed and insincere, eh? Then maybe you'll take notice of a couple quotes when Peter Oppenheimer announced in early March that he was stepping down:Tim Cook: "Peter is also a dear friend I always knew I could count on. Although I am sad to see him leave, I am happy he is taking time for himself and his family."Peter Oppenheimer: "I love Apple and the people I have had the privilege to work with and after 18 years here, it is time for me to take time for myself and my...
Amazing that someone like drblank - with almost 3,400 posts - managed to get himself banned because he has some sort of irrational bias against the occupation of public relations. PR is neither honest nor dishonest. It's a function, like accounting or marketing or manufacturing, and it can be practiced honestly or dishonestly. Having retired from a career in the business, I can say that honesty is the only logical approach. Dishonesty is eventually discovered and the...
Unfortunately, what is more likely to disrupt Crestron's hardware sales is Apple's hardware. Apple defines itself as a hardware company. No doubt that Crestron's controls are advanced and user friendly, but If all of their back-end home management systems (or those of a Crestron competitor) can by operated just as easily with an iDevice ...
New Posts  All Forums: