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You're right. I don't. Sorry. Just a layman's opinion.
DED's case studies outshine the work of every other writer specializing in this industry. I'm surprised he's stayed with AI this long and hasn't wound up teaching technical strategy at some top graduate business school. Enjoy him while you got him.
Comparing apples and oranges here. This map shows the outcomes of U.S. House district races within the states. The only valid correlation would be comparing iPhone usage and census data for the same district boundaries.
Not after the CBP beagle sniffs your butt and alerts to the banana.
Me too. I wondered why the guy in the middle was smiling so much until realizing that Angela had her right hand behind him, squeezing one of his butt cheeks!
Is it possible to sue the law schools that taught these bozos for having graduated them? Talk about inferior products ...
Sometimes sentimental value outweighs age as the motive for preservation, especially as regards this barn. Legend has it that Steve Jobs' first child was conceived in the hayloft. 
La-di-da. We stayed at the Lamb at Hindon some years back, which boasts timbers dating to the 12th century. The floor in our room had settled so badly off level that a tray of Malvern Water brought to us by the innkeeper damn near slid off the top of the dresser. Charming, those historic English structures, complete with chain pulls on the crappers and puny flash water heaters in the showers! By the way, have they designated Fawlty Towers an English Heritage site yet?
Agreed, Some buffoons like Richard Crone cited in your link are trying to write Pay off, but they're no more than a fart in a windstorm. This latest USA Today article gives the impression that he's directly connected with UBS. He's not. He's a consultant on payment systems that the UBS report apparently cited. Crone is also a jackass, akin to the guy in early 2010 when Apple first put its tablets on sale, who wrote an article titled "Why the iPad Will Flop." It's consumer...
The one opportunity the reverend passed up was when Junior (the Congressman) and his daughter-in-law copped pleas in federal court to using campaign funds as their personal piggy bank. But never fear. The family isn't out of money. For years two of his kids owned the Budweiser distributorship in Chicago, which they acquired after Dad threatened Budweiser with a national boycott because of its lack of minority-owned distributorships.
New Posts  All Forums: