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Well, I need MS Word for school. And iTunes causes the same problem, just as much as Word does
I have a new 24" Alum. iMac. Here lately I keep getting the spinning beachball, usually when i have either itunes or MS Word Open. It requires me to force quit, and sometimes a hard reboot. Here is the list of apps i have open when it happens. Finder Mail Firefox iTunes MS Word Any ideas?
text messaging is a multi-billion dollar stage for these cell phone service providers. You can garuntee that they will get thier money. I dont see text messaging becoming a part of a data plan.
Happy Birthday Steve Jobs
I would go with the MacBook. The MBA do not come with an optical drive, so burning dvd's and watching dvd's would mean that you would need an external optical drive.
well this is something new!!! Removable batteries It would be very cool to see this happen. Although in the beggining we would sacrafice a little size to our devices (due to the mechonisms that allow the batteries to be put in and taken out). But eventually the size would come down again. I see good things comming from this
works fine for me
does your video contain music? many artist and labels teamed up with Youtube, if there music is used in a video without permission they cut all audio. They have done this to a lot of skateboarding, wakeskating, and paintball videos so far
I'm 18, and bought a 24" iMac about 3 months ago. I constantly saved. I sat down one day and made a budget, including my bills, some play money, food etc. and set aside a certain amount of money weekly for my computer. My "play money", if there was any left over at the end of the week, it goes into the iMac fund, along with the cash I was setting aside to begin with. Then i just started over the next week. it took me roughly 6-7 months, but now I'm using my...
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