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  This argument is garbage. You expect your evildoer to follow the rules to turn off his cell phone? Flight attendants can't even make passengers turn off an iPod, much less a "malicious device" that could even be left inside carry-on luggage, unseen. Let's make a law against terrorism. That'll really help!
My hard cover book mocks your weak arguments.
..."Apple's Fusion Drive cuts Mac startup time in half, triples read/write *times*" Yes. Solid state drives take three times as long to read/write... I think you mean "speeds"...
So... I've always felt that OS X actually got slightly less intuitive and easy to use when it tweaked gestures and whatnot. I've been using Lion for awhile now after "upgrading" and I just can't shake how much I miss Leopard. Anyone else feel the same way?
Analysts are useless.
If they're losing so much money, maybe they shouldn't be selling the Lumia 900 at such a blatant loss. There's your first mistake. Let the handset stand up on its own, not a $150 million ad campaign.
So what they're really saying is: You're not allowed to window shop when you're building any product. Because visual inspection is all it takes to steal a patent-worthy idea. By this logic, every car-maker in the world should be sued out of existence for stealing designs, and i'm sure every electronics company that buys competitors products to study would be going nuts as well.
As much as I know I'd be pissed if I were that developer... he's an idiot. Why doesn't he go sue Android or something? Apple is entitled to good ideas. And if the only infringement he can find is the icon... well. One of the previous posters is right. I have both the arrow-circle and the wifi symbol on my menu bar already. It's not exactly original. But it's widely accepted... and it is apple property.
The accessing of data on a centralized server is the very definition of the internet. You shouldn't be able to patent a "good idea." Actually, not even a good idea, just the-way-shit-happens-to-work.
I do see where you're coming from, but we got along just fine with the Pentium ordeal... Pentium 4's used to go to 3.6 GHz. Nowadays, high end Core 2 procs hover around 2.8 GHz.and 1066 over 800 is a 33% increase. plus, with a stronger integrated graphics chipset, less of the CPU is going to be frittered away on drawing the screen. but hey, if you want to benchmark your old model against what i plan on getting, go right ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: