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I wouldn't assume Apple sees it as strictly Intel vs. ARM for Macs. If all Macs were equipped with an ARM AP for Touch ID/Secure Element/Continuity/etc. without having to wake up all the Intel stuff, I could see some benefits. That you'd have those extra 64-bit cores available for specific tasks (kind of like a GPU) might just be icing on the cake...
10.9.3 is likely what Apple will be imaging newly built systems with, and that requires a fair amount of lead time. If you buy a new Mac(book) Pro with a 4K display, they'll need to work together out of the box well enough without having to run Software Update.
 Of course they will, and it likely won't be much more than the current $999. People forget what a good deal the LED Cinema Display was when it came out - no other displays with that LG panel used LED backlighting, much less had a glass front, camera, speakers, microphone, ambient light sensor, USB hub and mini-DisplayPort. Dell is already selling barebones 4K displays at sub $1K prices, so Apple will be fine at $999 or a little more.
 Glad we saved 2 bytes by not using the full name of the state. Could have saved 3 by using a proper abbreviation...
If you were requesting a link to a paper from the future, I cannot help you. If you were questioning my familiarity with the past and present advances in this field, I can assure you that I am quite familiar. In fact there is a good chance it will be < 20 years.
 In 20-30 years, most normal hearing disorders will be curable. You'll be able to get your inner ear cells regenerated during a normal doctor's visit.
The RAM is replaceable. In fact, even if you get the non-server version you can add a 2nd hard drive later with this kit.
Darn glad to have gotten the 2011 mini with AMD graphics last year. The current 15" MBP may be their last portable machine with discrete graphics.
  It shouldn't matter; the 27" iMacs, LED Cinema Displays and Thunderbolt Displays all use the same LG panel. Unfortunately LCD technology is still pretty variable in terms of yeild/quality control. Still, it's pretty damn impressive that we're getting super-thin IPS panels on notebooks, regardless of resolution. Apple really is the only one pushing hardware forward in this regard.      Hmmm, without seeing it, what you describe sounds like some imperfections in the light...
Yikes, is the uniformity of these new retina panels really as bad as in the picture? There's a clear red->green shift from top to bottom. Approximately 50% of the 10 or so Cinema/Thunderbolt displays I've used have similar issues (either vertically or horizontally, it's par for the course with IPS LCDs) but it seems especially bad here. Guess I'll have to head over to the Apple store and pull up lagom's tests on them.
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