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I think you could be on to something here.
Well, I was going by the implied meaning of the clock, which is "10 AM" Also, more tinfoil hatting (I can't help myself): The number of characters in "Let's talk iPhone." (including apostrophe and period) is 16. 16, as we all know, is a perfect square of 4.
Hmm, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Judging from past invitations, Apple loves hidden meanings. I'm seeing a lot of "4" references here. - The 4th of October as a double entendre. - 4 icons. - The sum of all visible digits, divided by the number of icons: 4+10+280+1=295. 2+9+5=16. 16/4=4 Or, If you take the map icon as meaning 1 Infinite Loop: 4+10+1+1=16 16/4=4. Ok, I'll put my tinfoil hat away!
I understood it to be both, but more so the other way around. If it were simply "access to the matching process," why is it a reoccuring yearly service? Seems to me to be a back door way of implementing a subscription service. I have a hard time believing the RIAA would easily agree to allow pirates to exchange thousands of songs for completely legitimate ones, free of charge (at $25 a year for thousands of songs you've pirated, that is essentially free). Something has to...
Although it would be interesting to question what news organizations you consider "real" news, let's put the political bent aside and critique this app for what it really is. A bold new (non legacy) media outlet that takes advantage of modern tech that delivers information via modern, media-rich methods that people like. All at a very attractive price.
^^ Priceless.
Couldn't agree more. I know many people that consider the term "gay conservative" an oxymoron, but being conservative means much more than being (or not being) a Republican (I'm registered Independent for those who are curious minded, not that it should matter). That said, I actually find this article quite interesting. My partner just bought a Droid X. He would have bought an iPhone much earlier, but he is not a fan of AT&T, and didn't want to hold out any longer based...
So, I'm a 25 year old gay conservative who owns an iPhone and is in a committed relationship with one guy and enjoys lots of sex. Based on this survey and everyone's comments, that's bound to make some heads overload and explode.
Let me try and guess these... "For all intents and purposes." "A sure bet." "Champing at the bit." Just between you and I, I tucked some sarcasm away in here...
Apple could very well just decrease the resolution on a 7" screen iPad from the 1024x768 the 9.7" uses, to the 960x640 resolution of the iPhone 4. That's only a difference of 64x128, resolution-wise, which isn't much. But it's not resolution that matters, its the pixels per square inch. Granted, the iPhone 4 display has a mind-numbing 330 PPI, which isn't likely to turn up in larger devices anytime soon, but considering the iPhone 3GS had about 115 PPI, a PPI of around...
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