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No, but what is funny is that you label me a Mac-basher for no legitimate reason (and there is none, I am very fond of various Apple products, critical of others)... and that I wasn't even refering/replying to you at all in my previous posts.
Whoops, my bad. Meant the 24". Was thinking of the 27" iMac. Even still though. Then why buy a Mini in the first place then? I see coflicting arguments. Also, at least according to some here, every product other than Apple is sheer crap. If that's the sentiment, then yes, a buyer (lets say first time) would have to buy the whole Apple arrangement to get the full "asthetic."
I'll admit that the updated Mac Mini looks nice, but for a MINIMUM of six benjamins, I feel it is quite underwhelming. I think the arguements in the end boil down to (again) being able to use OS X, which is a defense used for all Apple products. Also, lets not forget that $600 gets you only the computer. I just did a trial buy on Apple's site... $1,934 for the base configuration + 27" Apple monitor, Apple wireless keyboard & magic mouse, iWork, and AppleCare. ...
I've been coming to this site for years, and have had my current sig for a year now- but thank you for noticing. And just because I choose to state my hand-built rig in my signature, what makes either of you think I don't own Apple products? Silly fanboys, grow up. But its nice to see you vehemently defend Apple lanyards. Lanyards. Now I've heard it all.
Wait, what? Since when are lanyards iconic? I use one every day. It's called wearing an ID. Guess mine isn't cool and iconic though.
Zing. It certainly isn't fail. No one forced Microsoft to port Office to Mac (or now via Cocoa), they are doing it by their own graces, and having Office across both Windows and OS X benefits everyone. I actually like the layout of the Mac ribbon more than the Windows ribbon. As one who used Office 2007 for two years at my previous job and now has gone back to Office 2003 at my current job, going back is painful. You don't appreciate the ribbon feature until you've...
How big is the smartphone market in relation to the overall mobile phone market in Japan? Without that piece of information, having a 72 percent market share really means nothing.
I'm getting the white one, 'nuff said. If the white 3G is any example, white conseals smudges much more than black does. But let me say that when Gizmodo first revealed the black 4G, I personally called it that a white model was on the way, and I imagined it to be just like this. That said, Product (Red) anyone? Delicious.
So would I be correct in saying that this is the hands-on video that Gizmodo should have taken? In glorious high res with intimate handling. All from some Vietnamese guy. Jason Chen, eat your heart out.
C'mon AI, your article title is horribly misleading. The request was not rejected in its entirety (as inferred in the title), simply deferred to another judge for consideration, presumably one more knowledgeable about the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the affidavit and search warrant. Big difference. I roll my eyes at sensationalist titles like these. You're better than this.
New Posts  All Forums: