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I would ask that you refer to my posts then. For "average consumers", IPS displays are not worth it, IMO. As for Apple's, the price jump between it and a high costing 24" CCFL LCD is nearly 4-5 Benjamins. Given the Cinema Display's [lack of] specs and ports, you might be tempted to look elsewhere.
Actually, I believe the question (properly) to you is, have you ever owned an Acer monitor? Much less a high-end one? No need replying if you haven't then. I own a 24" Acer P243WAid, and its quite a fine display, all truth be told.
I guess this and another post are a direct reference to my own. I know full well that Apple's Cinema Display is an IPS rather than some TN panel; you don't need to pontificate the differences. Maybe the display has a leg up because it is LED and not CCFL, but lets face it the majority of casual users (your "folks") wouldn't recognize the difference, especially between the newest generation of CCFLs and the early generation of panel-quality LEDs. And that does not excuse...
Odd decision indeed. Considering the display only works with mini Display Port, it even alienates current Mac users, unless they get a converter. Alittle disappointing on the specs too... a 14ms response time? Thats incredibly slow and outdated. Combine that with only a 1000:1 CR and this puppy is waaaaay over priced. You can get FAR better performing "monitors" for less than half the $899 price, with way better specs, and with more inputs than just USB (very...
I also think that Microsoft's jabbing at Apple's hardware is fairgame. Apple has stated many times in their "I'm a Mac" commercials that it is because of their combined hardware + software that Macs "just work" (there by implying that both Windows and 3rd party hardware (Dell, Sony, etc.) are crap). It doesn't matter that MS is software-only as opposed to Apple. Apple invited the attacks and MS is justified in its criticism.
Riiight... here's where we que the sarcasm:because Apple's plastic coated iPhones and Macbooks have never cracked... and Apple's white Macbooks have never stained... and combo drives are fantastic and we all, of course, look at the bottoms of our laptops every chance we get... and Apple manufactures its own batteries... and chicklet keys are pleasing and aesthetic. I think I made my point.
New Posts  All Forums: