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I might be a bit late to the party in this thread, but allow me to succinctly summarize this love letter to Adobe: Steve: "Flash, not so magical."
I certainly wouldn't be the first to do so
What's wrong with ice cream sandwiches? They tend to be delicious, as this iPhone will be. Apple should call it the iPhone ICS EDIT:Damn, you beat me to it!
The only true question that remains at this point is... will it come in white? Although I now own a black 3GS (not my choice, was a gift to me), my original 3G was white. It was super sexy and classy. I can only hope that Apple offers a white version for this baby. Moreover, I would love to see a white front in addition to back. The only (slight) mod required would be to invert the Home button color scheme.
As per the design, I LOVE the round rocker buttons. It's a refreshing breakup from the very angular and boxy shapes going on in this revision. As people have said earlier, its looks retro, but in a good way. The seams along the left and right side look fine to me, and it even evokes the original iPhone's "battery" bottom look, even thought the battery lies vertically here. Not so keen on the top seam, as it seems oddly out of place (and asymmetrical) with the rest of...
Seems like your ideals are placed a bit too high here. #1. Uninspiring? As opposed to what? What is it supposed to look like? I think it certainly looks much more inspiring (and classy) than the majority of other offerings out there, and certainly falls more in line with the look of Apple's other products. #2. This is a phone. If you want a Xenon flash go buy an actual camera. Cameras on phones are still considered novelty features. Sony provides a Xenon flash on its...
LOL. +1 But what I want to know is, if they couldn't turn the screen on, how do they know what the resolution is? Are they just assuming the pixel count will be increased, or can they tell without having the screen on? Just wondering.
LOL. I call BS on this. This is just someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame by trying to claim they're the person who lost the thing. Gizmodo would never hand it over anyway. And for what, so this loser can then turn around and hawk the darned thing for major money? Yeah
To answer your first question, as I said in one of my previous posts, given all the photo leaks that have come out in the past, why wouldn't Apple want to head them off at the pass this time around? Better for Apple to control the leak and give the ravenous tech blogs the red meat they crave than to have said blogs and their paparazzi employees take (sometimes) illegal measures to try and obtain information (or disinformation) on a new product of theirs. With the former,...
Here's a thought: Let's rewind the clock a couple weeks to Steve & Eric's little curb-side cafe chat. It's not clear which said it, but what was overheard was, "They're going to see it eventually so who cares how they get it." Perhaps they were talking about their respective phones, and Steve's intentions for a controlled product leak? As people here have said in previous posts, it is highly unlikely a new iPhone would be carried around in the wild outside Apple's...
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