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After having looked at all the large pics over at Gizmodo, you gotta admit that the thing looks solid in design and structure. The speaker, mic, and headphone jack in particular look beefy. And the new metal bezel isn't exactly flush with the top and bottom, so that will add some much needed grip to the phone. Whether it's a leak or was planted, one thing is for sure- Apple seems to have lost something, as Gizmodo confirmed through their sources. Be sure to view the...
Wow, that an incredible leak. I bet that someone's head was rolled over at Apple for this major fail. Any new job opening listed? That said, the new iPhone looks GREAT. Will be picking one up when its comes out for sure.
"Rethink Possible?" Not only is it grammatically awkward, but it's a horrible slogan, IMO. Is it just me, or does that seem to carry a negative connotation? As in, if you rethink [what's] possible, you may be having thoughts that something is impossible. The slogan would have been much better as "Rethink the Impossible." So AT&T is now a "lifestyle" company... Haha, that's a good one.
Schmidt: "I wish I could quit you, Steve."
I'll reserve judgment on this whole Apple vs. HTC debacle until a later time. But, you have to hand it to Apple in that whatever they do, they do it with style. Only Apple could make patent carpet bombing look cool.
Definitely a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario.
I've never been a huge fan of chick-let keys, although they are admittedly better than standard laptop keys IMO. I don't understand the hoopla about chick-let keyboards. For laptops, sure, as it makes sense due to height/clearance issues. But for desktop utility, I much prefer the robust feeling of standard keyboard keys.I don't think Apple would come out with a "trackboard" (keyboard + track pad). There are already various "trackboards" out on the market, and IMO they...
In my opinion, AAPL is being too conservative with its cash. With $40B in the bank, I'd expect them to be aggressive in using it (even more than they are). While they have continued to expand by opening retail stores, develop new products, etc, it is evident that AAPL is still growing the cash account. Given that AAPL has both relatively small (Mac) and large (iPod/iPhone) markets across its product lines, I'd think they should open the spigot and let the cash flow a...
Or maybe she didn't get one because she's a spoiled little brat. \ Just saying.
I think the most interesting bit of info coming out of this survey is the "U" graph depicting the percent interest in each model. We definitely see a "I want it all" or "I want the bare minimum" demand going on here. But I'm disappointed that this survey didn't ask/provide more insightful data, like whether the prospective customer is a Mac user, an iPhone/iPod touch user, both, or neither. That would have given a real tangible look at iPad interest both inside and...
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