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LCD is definitely washed out compared to AMOLED. There's a picture right on the front page of Engadget today comparing an AMOLED phone next to the iPhone's. The iPhone's screen looks like complete sh*t in contrast.
Is it me, or is that kind of like a double negative? Either the display uses hardly any power, or it doesn't use much power at all. Wonky.
AT&T thinks so. On another note, I'm kind of disappointed that the iPad isn't coming with a dual-band chip. That really would be the ultimate unlocked device. Although I own and use an iPhone, I am a fan of Verizon. For those here that are telling me to go suck it because Apple stuck with AT&T (or AT&T begged Apple to stay?), I find that amusing seeing as how it was AT&T that not oh-so long ago complained that iPhone users were hogging bandwidth and crippling its...
Unfortunately, that's the way the industry is headed, so you might not be buying Apple's Tablet and future iterations of the iPhone. People today not only want to keep their numbers, but also their phones too when switching networks, especially smartphones. Combined with AT&T's network woes, and the fact that creating a CDMA-specific iPhone would be cost-ineffective for Apple, the dual-band chip seems the most likely route for Apple to go.
Verizon offers FIOS and cable services, remember. They might work out an agreement with Apple to possibly include Tablet coverage in your FIOS package, or an addition charge tacked onto your monthly data plan. iPhone users already pay AT&T $100 per month for unlimited everything, and I'm sure they will continue to pay. AT&T may do something similar as well. Either way, if you plan on buying and using Apple's Tablet, a bump to the cost of your monthly data plan is...
I'm betting that the Tablet will feature the new dual-band CDMA/GSM chips. Seeing as how the Tablet will be a world product (the world is heavily GSM), and the rumors of Verizon gearing up for a big day Wednesday, I don't see how it could be any other way. You'll have your choice of signing up with either AT&T or Verizon for coverage. I also bet that Jobs will announce that the iPhone will sport the same dual band chip as well, for the revision coming this summer. ...
Hilarious- I love it. Way to go Steve Ballmer
Apple would risk clashing with its brand identity? I fail to see how. If that were the case, why does Apple continue to offer Office for Mac (when Apple itself offers iWork) and Boot Camp to run Windows (when Apple itself offers OS X) for its products? Partnering with Microsoft to bring Bing (an internet search engine) to the iPhone pails in comparison to the two aforementioned capabilities.
I second this sentiment. For any app that has both a Paid and Free variant, I purchase the Paid app for the simple reason that I do not like having ads thrown at my face. With such a limited amount of screen real estate, ads become really annoying, really fast on the iPhone. I can only hope that Apple chooses not to venture down the same road as Google has.Edit: As for Bing, I say why not. There has been some positive buzz generated about Bing lately, and if it fosters...
No, that = your own opinion. Where's the mods to clean out trash posts like these? Notice how all the name calling in this thread is being carried out by people who 1) hate Fox News (because of their own personal political bias), or 2) condescend towards others who stick up for Fox News (because they hate conservatives). Simply amazes me.
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