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I'm having a hard time discerning if you're being sarcastic or genuine in your comment. But really? How is it "gouging" for Apple (or whoever) to charge you for a new version of a product/service? I guess you'll just have to suffice with "last year's product" (shudder) until iWork & iLife 2011 rolls around.
This Rorschach image is obviously Steve Jobs holding up the Slate. What, you don't see it?
OLED screen - Very likely. Unlike last year, the time is right this year. Removeable Battery - Very unlikely. With the iPod Nano being an exception, Apple generally doesn't do design reverts. Video Chat - Could go either way. I'm sure Apple would love to implement this. I'm also sure AT&T would curse them to hell behind closed doors. You think AT&T and their customers are bitching now because of congestion? Just wait.
I wouldn't read too too much into one "designer's" claim, especially being a CES floor monkey, that Apple has gobbled up the entire supply of 10.1" displays for both LCD and OLED. The spread of dis-information at CES about (as of yet) mythical Apple products would come as no surprise to me. That said, I have my reservations about OLED being used in large form computing displays at this point in time, especially since there are still kinks and issues to be worked out in...
You sure sound angry to me, as do a lot of other posters on this thread. People here are making a mockery of PC fanboys' "hysterical" posts on whatever outside site, but all I need point to are some of the ridiculous posts being spewed in this thread. Let's have some balanced perspective, shall we? Belittling the other side here at AI and going over there to troll makes you all look like 5 years olds (PC trolls are despised here at AI, but yet it's seemingly alright to...
My question is, who's watching the watchers? At some point, the chain of surveillance has to end, and that point is usually those who are doing the surveillance. I suspect the golden nuggets of information that sometimes leak from "anonymous" corporate Apple employees comes from these very people. I'm sure Apple does indeed plan "controlled leaks," but it is also human nature to tell others about someone else's big secrets.
Depending on one's geo-linguistic upbringing, "Macntouch" might sound rather perverted. That said, I really doubt Apple will stick an "i" on the tablet's name, whatever it will be. Aside from iMacs and iPods, it would be gimmicky for Apple to continue placing an "i" on their new products' names (as if other companies aren't already overusing the "iwhatever" these days). Just my opinion.
THANK YOU. Amen. It will never be "iBook" (for the above reason). Scratch "iSlate" too. Does not flow off the tongue well, and sounds way too much like "isolate," although "Apple Slate" (with the Apple symbol) would work well, IMO. Also, for those stuck on the "Pad" or "Touch" names, why not have the best of both worlds: the Apple "Touch Pad." Personally speaking, Touch Pad ftw
Very well, then I do apologize. But as one who has frequented this site nearly everyday for several years (and posted for the last year or so) I can easily recollect reading political jabs and/or views that cropped up in posts for main page articles, which were not "scrubbed" from the comments section. Perhaps the mods missed them, or perhaps I read them before they got to them. I'm not saying that I'm disappointed in my comment being scrubbed from this thread (although...
Haha ok. Thanks for serving as the troll police. I'll be sure to look out for them too.
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