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Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this question. Anyway, does anyone have an understanding of the whole DRM stuff? Specifically, if I were to upload to Kindle with DRM ON, does this mean I wouldn't be able to upload to iBooks? cheers in advance!
This is perfect. Thanks so much!
I really shouldn't have replied to this, but hey, your humor had me at your singular wit. *sigh*
On MS Office for the PC, you are able to press F4 and this will immediately repeat the last function you carried out. Is there a similar command for the Mac version (specifically on word?) Cheers in advance.
Thanks for the info. I have been looking out for these but have only managed to find one so far. I'm not splashing out almost a grand for an apple monitor either.
Hey, I did apologize beforehand Thanks anyway!
I've got a Macbook Pro and need to add an additional monitor. Now, this may be a dumb question and I apologize beforehand but, do all monitors work fine on the Mac? I've seen loads (on Amazon for example) which only state PC. Is this the case or will they still work? cheers in advance for the info!
Were you able to unlock it ok?
Did it work ok? Also, how much is the termination fee?
Hmm, another great point. Thanks for that. Why is that in the U.S we have to be locked to AT&T when every other country you can buy your iphone unlocked? Minimum of $70 a month you say? Over the course of 2 years that's $1,680! Crazyness. I may just get my friend over in the UK to send one over for me.
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