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  Moments?  Plural?  No way, that's way too long, they'll whine for sure about that.
  Yeah but Lemon Meringue sounds like a real option, whereas I wanted to go for comedy/absurdity in order to belittle their efforts.  Chicken Noodle Soup just sounds funny.  Oh wait, I have a beter one... Frozen Corndog!!!   :)
I'm not sure why their naming schemes bother me so much, but they just seem lame.  I cringe every time I picture their executives in a board room brainstorming new OS nicknames.    Oh well, instead of fighting it, maybe I should just help them out for the next one.  They seem to like three word foods, so I am thinking the next one should be called... Chicken Noodle Soup.
To Tallest Skil, Daekwan and Vaelian (and others to a lesser degree):   Not sure if this debate will fade out from here or if there is still good material coming, but I just had to say you all totally made my day.  I love good discussions like this that are full of tech knowledge and personal opinion, presented with correct grammar and intelligent thought.  Most threads here devolve into stupid fanboi-isms (if they didn't start that way from the beginning). You...
Actually, even though I had the impression that people in the UK hated the new maps, I heard back on my MacRumors post from a UK man who loves it.  I'm not really sure of the pattern here, but I am guessing it depends on what you use it for.  I agree though that coverage is key.  Houston seems to have good coverage also which works great for me.
maybe I am missing your point, but you are saying that Apple maps should have known this address was fake and not go looking for it, yet initially Apple maps didn't find it.  However, the other mapping engines did go looking for and find this "fake" address.  This sounds very backward.
I figured some of you out there might be on the fence about updating to iOS 6 because of all of the back and forth about maps in iOS 6, so here is my experience... I had planned to upgrade my iPhone 4S to iOS 6 the day it became available, but got busy.  Well as you know then came the flood of complaints screaming about how the new maps app was a downgrade and unusable.  So after this I decided to wait a bit to see how it all shook out. Since then I kept reading...
This is interesting.  I had no idea this could work.  What about using TiVo in this type of setup?  As long as you pay the TiVo service fees would it be able to record correctly, or woulf the program information be incorrect?  Or actually, I guess you might still need a cable card if you have a TiVo premiere? 
I agree that none of them are identical.  Even Samsung knows to make little changes here and there.  However, if you compare the three sets of icons, it is clear that the Apple icons and Nokia are very different.  If you then compare the Apple icons to Samsung, many people might think they were done by the same design team as they are much more similar.  But to recap, my main point is intent.  It seems clear that Samsung's intent was to make something that closely...
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