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So I googled the Nokia you mentioned to see what your argument was, and I think you are missing something important.  Are there aspects of these Nokia icons that are similar to the iOS icons?  Of course, but they are clearly not copied.  I am not a designer (although my wife is), but even I can tell that there is a difference in the design aesthetics of the two sets.  Simply including a phone receiver in the icon does not make something a copy.  On the Nokia for example,...
I can see the similarities that would lead you to believe that Apple has no basis to make the claim of ownership, but it is important to note motive/intent in this discussion.  There is a big difference between being inspired by previous icons and then improving them to the point where they are your unique interpretation, vs. blatant copying in order to piggy back on the success of another product.  There are of course similarities between the Apple and Skype icons you...
Same exact thing for me. After updating the Airport Utility and the firmware for both my Extreme and Express, the Express wasn't being found on my network, just a solid yellow light. After I unplugged it for a few seconds and powered back up, it connected fine and re-joined the network. Very weird. Other than this though, the updates went very smoothly.
Very true. And if the mobile industry had gotten rid of flash years ago, all phones would have been on the same playing field all along (as it pertains to battery life). Now other companies can see the rewards that Apple has had these past few years.EDIT: I should also add though that, regardless of a better or equal battery life, no other company can provide me the combination of hardware and software that Apple can. So, better battery life for awhile was great, but...
Not true at all. Apple gave Adobe many chances to improve mobile flash, but they never delivered a suitable product. Adobe never knocked it out of the park with desktop flash either, but Apple at least found it to be adequate, and so they allowed it to remain in OS X. But for mobile, they never got it right, and Apple is not about to ship a product with Flash support if it halves the battery life. This would be suicidal, especially in the early days when the iPhone was...
I think the benefit he was referring to was not the eventual arrival of HTML5, but the exclusion of Flash. From the intro of the iPhone, iOS users have been enjoying more efficient and less power hungry devices.
Speaking of network speeds, has Apple said anything about whether or not FaceTime will now work over 3G networks, or is it still wi-fi only? Seems like it had been rumored that this was changing.
Instead of 4G, can we just go ahead and change the indicator to 5G, so we can have even faster speeds now? That would be awesome, thanks AT&T!
Perfectly stated
It's a good question. I'm not really sure. My guess is that since the 3G and 3Gs had plastic backs and they didn't exhibit this "buttered bread phenomenon" that the iPhone 4 type design with a plastic back wouldn't either, but you never know. Of course I would prefer the back be curved aluminum like the iPad 2, os not sure if this changes the outcome or not.
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