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I completely agree with this. Good bye 3Gs .
As for steady-cam software, I seem to recall a product demo of iMovie 8 (i think) that had built in image stabilization. So Apple could easily introduce this functionality.
Scotty: Computer! Computer? [He's handed a mouse, and he speaks into it] Scotty: Hello, computer. Dr. Nichols: Just use the keyboard. Scotty: Keyboard. How quaint.
Well, if this is what happens, then Apple will have clearly figured out how to make time travel possible. I just wonder if Sony will be able to sue...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdh4TqWFfX4
Even though you said August, I am assuming you meant October?
Thanks for loving it. Although I must confess, your love is based on fiction as I was only making a joke. Saying that all Americans agree on any issue is absurd. Why did I do it? Well, jokes are fun and lighten the mood, and sometimes make people laugh or smile. And it was fun getting little jab in against anime, which I do coincidentally dislike to some degree. Lighten up a bit, you'll enjoy it more.We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
No, Anime sucks and Americans thoroughly hate it. Even just seeing the word makes me queasy. I do agree with having a "world store" though.
I'll say that whoever made this is really talented. As for the phone design, even if something that thin were possible, I wouldn't want it. It would feel like holding a sharp pane of glass. You could probably just as easily shave with it.
For the record, I personally want a redesigned iPhone5, as I am not a big fan of the iPhone 4. And with that in mind, I have a question for anyone wanting a "gesture button". You are basically saying that the primary function of this gesture button/area would be to swipe between open apps as a quick app switcher, right? If this is correct, then which of these two options would make the most sense? 1. Re-engineering a new size and shape home button with capacitive...
A press event is pretty much guaranteed. They already highlighted some of the features of iOS 5, but there are a lot of things that have not been introduced yet, and probably even some new things since WWDC. Also, they want to show off the new design. Apple doesn't want to just post a new product on their page and let people explore it on the internet. They want to give it a proper in-depth introduction to get everyone juiced for the new iPhone. This is how they...
New Posts  All Forums: