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Hi all, I have an old PowerBook G4, and I’m really jonesing for a new Mac, specifically the new aluminum MacBook. I know the new MacBooks and MBPs have been out for a little less than a month, but for those of you who have been religiously following Apple products for quite awhile, do you have an early sense of how many users are reporting issues compared to previous first revision products from Apple? I know some users are having trackpad issues, but Apple is...
Hey Johnny (or anyone who knows) Is it faster to use migration assistant over USB 2.0 or Ethernet? And how much slower are each of these than firewire? Also, does the older computer have to be in some certain mode for the migration assistant to work properly? Any info along these lines would be helpful.
Greetings all, ok so long-time reader, first time poster or whatever the kids are saying these days...blah blah blah... In response to you TBaggins...I agree, and the hardest part is, I haven't even heard Apple say anything about the lack of firewire. If they would just come out and say "Hey guys/gals, we had to nix the firewire because of , sorry, but here is the alternative, we have invented for target disk mode and migration assistant." That...
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