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You know something weird? I have been pumped about iPhone 5 ever since i decided to skip iPhone 4. Then when it became clear the iP5 was not going to arrive in June/July, I wanted it even more. From there, as the rumors began to swirl in the last 3 months and the mock-ups have surfaced I was in a frenzy. But now...I am sortof feeling ambivalent. I'm starting to think I might stick with my 3Gs. This could change once they announce the event (if they ever do), but I am...
So what is the alternative? An external antenna tethered by a long cable so you can place it 10-20 feet away from you? Other than this I don't think there are many options for a laptop. It's not like the keyboard is any nearer or farther from your head than behind the screen.
It seems to me that Apple will not transition to LTE, until they can do so on both/all US carriers. Having verizon iPhones on LTE and AT&T on 3G would not make sense, in my opinion.
No to mention the LTE network being so sparse currently. A year from now sounds more accurate to me.
So since Apple can issue printer updates, is there some technical limitation that does not allow them to put out an update that would make a lot more printers compatible with AirPrint?
Karma is never gone. It can quickly change from good to bad depending on what energy you put out into the universe, but it is always there, waiting to bite you in the ass. Perhaps you meant their mojo is almost gone?...and I would agree.
I would agree. The longer and wider aspect could be minimized with it being thinner and more rounded. I could make due with an increase of say, a few millimeters. But if it were anything like the half inch quoted in the last few days, this would be too large for my liking. Whatever is coming, it should be exciting.
You might be taking my remarks too seriously. I thought we were just making smart-ass remarks to give each other a hard time. If my remark incorrectly labeled you as someone who wants a much larger device and this brings you distress, then I apologize. I thought it was all in good fun. With that said, if we are now returning to an intelligent debate of screen size, then by all means, let's do that. Above you mention "going from 3.8 inches to 4 inches, while not...
I wouldn't say the one phone model has been a failure, rather, it has not been quite as successful and dominant as it could have been to this point. Definitely not a failure though.You are correct though in that having two or more differing models would satisfy even more users. I suppose they could do this at some point, it's just hard to imagine since they have embraced the one phone model since the beginning. Who knows though, maybe they are gearing up for a product...
While I am sure this Blackberry you recommend is not immersive in any way (or enjoyable), I am just fine with my iPhone. It's the perfect size and filled with Apple-y goodness. And I should now return the favor and make a suggestion for you. Since the iPhone isn't going to deliver the 4+ inch screen you seem to want, then you should check out an iPad. They are very big, immersive, and quite cool. My wife loves hers.
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