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If true, this would show why Best Buy is the only major surviving CE retailer!
The right way to hold it is balance it on a single (index) finger while keeping the phone horizontal.. sorta "fingering" pose!
Oh yeah, me too! How can there be any problem, common, Apple made it!
[poking fun + sarcasm] This is a bluetooth screen-less phone to improve phone-call capability of iPhone 4. iPhone 4 would be paired AS a bluetooth headset for this new phone! Oh wait, that cannot be enough to make iPhone 4 useful, proximity sensor will still cause trouble! [end]
Gosh guys.. that was a sarcastic remark. Open your eyes! There is no real queue. It's just a sarcastic remark against some people out here.
I see a lot of people in the queue who "never" had any signal issues! Hypocrites.
Free bumpers is the mimum they could to do deflect the bad PR. Atleast they admitted to the proximity sensor issue ..
Working on a fix!
Did not admit to the problem, but this is the most I expected!
Like I said, your faith is unshakable and your attacks are admirable! Kudos!
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