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That's the most BS story ever covered on AI. Any hackintosh enthusiast worth his salt would know that the identification parameters are completely bogus and you can make a desktop look like a laptop and laptop look like Sammy Sosa. Stop wasting people's time on Saturdays.
I went to a store specifically to try out and buy this one. I was prepared to pay $69. However, I found it to be woefully short of the hype. Other than the basic mouse functions of moving the cursor around and clicking the buttons, it is not useful for anything else. I tried various gestures I read here on appleinsider's earlier review and found that the mouse too "light" to stay put while you are doing anything without holding the base of the mouse with your rest...
Which idiot buys a $9.99/mon service for GPS? You can get a very nice GPS for $80 these days. These idiots don't want to sell the service, they just want to show a PPT to thier bosses that they completed one more project.
Especially for 1024x600 displays. You know what I mean.
Are planning to replace the current crappy remote with something that makes more sense and replaces my URC? I'd be the first one to buy one.
Couldn't you find a dustier environment for your pictures? (I am not talking about the technical issues :-) enough people are talking about it already)
I am not an apple fanboy. I do love some apple products and do feel they can be improved further in many cases, like all "software" based products are. Steve has led an incredible comeback in the last 10 years and a couple of years ago, I did not see myself using anything other than iPod. Under his leadership, Apple came out with iPhone, ever improving OSX and a nicely integrated eco system thanks to iTunes. But I think it was not just Steve. He must have had help...
I don't mean to be rude. Just think about all the esteemed responses on this list if MS was implicated in something similar.
This is just a stupid prototype. No one can learn anything out of it and cause any loss to Apple. What the $#$% is the big deal. I have seen a lot of prototype hardware being sold all over ebay. Who cares. I pity the guy who spent $800 on it. You can buy a far better/brand-new one on macmall for a few hundred more.
Amen!I can understand (but despise) why Adobe pushes Flash further and further and adds more and more crap to it rather than coming up with new products. Its such a resource hog for what it does (bug people with ads, for most part). Why cant they have separate products for video streams, audio streams and vector graphics? I guess they dont want me to disable vector graphics and get away from ads.
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