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Well said. [sarcasm]Some people see Jesus (or equivalent, for their religion) in iPhone 4 (and Apple), it's unthinkable to question it. Anyone that has a problem is an atheist.[/sarcasm]
Of course not. But same holding habits I had for 12 years of cell-phose use work fine with 3GS and do not work for 4.You should cool down and think! On the other hand, I admire you for having such blind "faith" something you did not personally design and develop! You must be a great team player for whatever you work for! (No sarcasm intended)
I hope this is an honest question! Apple rarely gives the final device to anyone outside. It has too much importance in terms of overall PR buzz they create before the launch. According to a QA engineer I know, even most of the QA folks got a well disguised device that did not have an exposed antenna so they never saw any issue.
In fact, there is such a phone. It is called 3GS. I own both, BTW. I not only own them personally, but I also own them for the lab where we test our UMTS infrastructure product.
I agree and that's what bothers me. Why should anyone be so obsessed about anything that they cannot see a deficiency ever? I use a lot of apple products and love most of the. But it's hard to imagine any of them being "perfect". If they were, they don't need to invent more and more "amazing" and "magical" products every year!
And some people would STIILL complain that others are complaining and whining! Not sure why they bother!
If I were them, I'd cover myself in a blanket and will not come out of the home for 2 weeks. By then, Apple would release new Apple TV or something else and I'd come out and sing praises of that new amazing magical product.
Then you haven't read enough!
[sarcasm]Did you ask the same question when Enron happened? How about Subprime crisis? We you in US at the time?[/sarcasm]I am not saying it's the same scale or even 1% of it. But corporate America is not known for it's ethics.
It's a little early to say anything. I have used 4.0.1 for 2 5 minute calls now and both went OK.
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