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[sarcasm starts] Guess what, all the people that care about their phone, keep it away from sweaty hands, greasy face, linty hair etc, and always use headset. For once, Apple includes that in the box! Now we know the real reason for the inclusion! [sarcasm ends]
According to one "genius", it could be wax in your ear! ;-)
and for it to receive any signal, you have to be a male Homo Sapien of age 10 or more.
I wish there was a feature to automatically turn on soothing Genius music on iPod.app when the call drops! At least a saving grace for some unfortunate users! Let the firing begin!!!
:-) May be some of them are good, but I must say, the report that said one Genius claimed the proximity sensor problems in iPhone 4 were "due to reflective (wax in your) ear" was a classic moment in the history of "geniuses"!http://www.tuaw.com/2010/07/06/proxi...ive-ear-canal/
Except you, I guess everyone else has an iPhone around here. You should get one too. It's a glorious new way of watching movies and listening to music. When you need to make a call, use your micro SIM adaptor with your micro SIM on the 3GS!
I am in almost the same situation where a return is a catch-22 (no real point in going into details). Thankfully I still have my (jail-broken) 3GS that I am able to use with my new contract. Shame on Apple. They are worse than BP, ethically speaking.
I did not know that you personally knew Bob Egan and his technical acumen to disagree with an unscientific organization! Sorry!
Everyone is a scientist. If it's pro Apple stock, it's bound to get a mention on AI. Last week CR was a great publication known for their honesty, this week, it's ignorant and unscientific!
How is this different from AI's earlier (last week) suggestion that we should wait "scientific" results? Consumer Report's scientific results are not science but your writing is?That's a ridiculous comment. It's not as if the writer of that comment has met each of the millions of iPhone 4 owners. I for one, own an iPhone 4 and have problems.
New Posts  All Forums: