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I am not a great fan of iPhone 4, as many of you know, I still stick to my 3GS, but .. I couldn't agree MORE with the SockRolid's statements. He has put them in the precisely chosen words. Android eco system has all the problems that SockRolid is mentioning and each of them is bigger than the next. OS market fragmentation, inability to offer updates like Apple and instance obsolescence, each of which gives me a hardtime to even think about switching to Android despite...
Nice one! :-)
This rumor is a nice one. If true, this would not only make the iPod touch lot more useful to the buyers, but also become a true communications device. It's strategically important for Apple to remove the operators out of the equation as they go forward.
:-) I did not know you are reading me so throughly, but does it matter either way? Feel free to skip reading if you don't like it. (Same way people suggest not buying this or that if we don't like it).
You should read iPaladin's note.
Thanks for defending Apple's rights! It's always nice to see some support for the underdog!
The issue is real and needs to be addressed by Apple. Till then, there is no point us wasting each other's time on AI forums lamenting/criticizing other companies' guts to mock Apple.
My sincere sympathy for you! No one can understand your problems better than I do, I went through each of them :-) The best way out is, incidentally, provided by Apple themselves. It's called 3GS.Charles River is beautiful water. Great fireworks. I, personally, wouldn't let Apple spoil it for me.
New Posts  All Forums: