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that you guys are keeping the flame going while I am taking it easy and having fun out most of the day!
with both the victims and Apple. As an e-commerce vendor, it's like a Rock and Hard place. The whole e-commerce security should evolve to provide security to users. There have been so many proposals such as single use credit card numbers (a.k.a online gift cards issued by Visa etc.,) but somehow the banks have not taken much initiative there. Problems like this are not limited to Apple. Apple can do it better, so can Amazon, eBay and other major e-businesses. eBay users...
BTW.. happy independence day everyone! It has been a wonderful debate so far and the independence is worth it!! :-) It's a great day to go out for a little Caneo or Kayak trip with your family. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. PS: I was careful enough to take only my 3GS and leave 4 at home
:-) I wish we were all good at reading American sarcasm!!! (.. and good at communicating with less profanity)
Thank God you the timeline correct. I wish I were on your calendar!! PS: I recommend more regular reading of AI.
I can tell you when that dialog happens. This posting has nothing to do with the overall argument. 1. If you configure an incorrect APN (default is "internet"), not approved by AT&T for your SIM (in some cases IMEI), the SGSN rejects the PDP context activation. That is shown as "You are not subscribed to a cellular data service"2. If you have the right APN configured, but your specific SIM is not authorized with PS services, SGSN again rejects PDP context activation. This...
Oh yes, I am really sorry. I was mixing up the timeline. I did not realize that FCC approved it in the middle of the demo.
Ofcourse! Walt Mossberg was an exception, though. And the 5 AT&T bars showing up in the picture are fake too, the phone was not really registered to the network (FCC rules!), it was just a demo. So was the facetime call Steve placed to Jon Ive. That was not real, through AT&T, was it? Don't tell me it was through WiFi. The voice call was first placed over AT&T before switching over to WiFi.
Like I said earlier in this or some other thread, Apple must be low on cash that they did not want to activate a $25 subscription on a launch demo phone. The launch demo is not that important, after all, they can sell millions of phones to people like me regardless of the demo.
We are not in a country that is highly regarded for it's corporate ethics. So if I or anyone else subscribe to a conspiracy theory, convince yourself over and over that you don't buy it. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow!
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