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Exactly!!! Why was only 4 having trouble?
The key with 3G is "sometimes"! iPhone 4 is not limited to "sometimes", at least where I work and live.
Well, yesterday CR was a great magazine known for their honesty and today, well, today is another day.
You deserve to buy an iPhone 4. Make sure you sell/donate your 2G/3G/3GS before you buy your 4. That way, you can ensure your experience is "optimal"!
A picture is worth thousand words!
Thanks, Mr.Jobs, I see the light now! Thank God you cleared it up!
LOL .. and send them to fool's paradise and let them live happily ever after! The End.
Honestly, I am envious of your luck!! I wish I had a good iPhone 4. You should try Vegas with your luck !! :-)
I wish that message could be drilled into people's heads!!
Well, when my 3GS has trouble with Wifi, it latches on to 3G and manages to download www.nytimes.com easily :-) (I am not referring to Facetime demo, I am referring to screen resolution demo with nytimes.com)Oh wait, may be Steve did not have a 3G sim activated with PS services. Cost cutting, I bet.
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